job description

1. JOB TILE: Relational Youth Worker, Kings College, Guildford
Part – time 2 year fixed term contract
2. SALARY: Between £19.000pa – £20,000pa depending on experience and qualifications.
Pro Rata for 3 days per week
3. ACCOUNTABLE TO: Director, Matrix Trust and reporting daily to the schools
The role of Relational Youth Worker is, by nature, highly relational and the position and
authority is built upon relationships with young people. You will support students in Kings
College, Guildford, identifying and responding to issues they may be facing. This role will
work out in different ways, and may include some mentoring, guidance, and workshops. You
will also work closely with students on the Matrix Alternative Education Project. The role is
based on professional and Christian values, and you would need to be in agreement with the
ethos of the Matrix Trust and contribute to our wider aims where appropriate.
Build positive relationships with young people in a school setting.
Analyse and respond to the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual needs of all
young people worked with.
Work with groups and individuals on issues which are being faced e.g. anger
management, bullying, loss etc. This could be through group work or ‘one to one’
Manage, monitor, and evaluate caseloads
Work with students on the Matrix Alternative Education Project.
Work in close liaison with the school pastoral staff.
Contribute to agreed aspects of the school’s curriculum where appropriate.
Contribute to, and support The Matrix Trust Youth Council.
Organise extra-curricular and/or residential activities.
Be involved in fundraising activities of benefit to the Matrix Trust
Be a member of the Matrix team and involved in projects which benefit the mission of
the Matrix Trust, eg Ready 4 Action.
Provide basic information and direction in areas outside your specialism.
Work in a multi-agency environment
Friday, 4th July, 2014
As the Relational Youth Worker, you will need to liaise with the School regarding
appointments with students during class timetables. You will be expected to administer your
own ‘open’ dairy. Time off in lieu and external appointments will be cleared through your
Matrix Trust line manager.
 A strong youth work background, with at least 2 years of working with young people
 Able to demonstrate competence with working examples
 Able to relate well to young people in a school environment
 Able to relate to and work with staff in a school environment
 Have group work experience
 Able to set appropriate boundaries in all situations
 Agree with, and able to support the ethos of the Matrix Trust
 Able to work effectively alone and as a part of a team
 Good IT skills
 Excellent interpersonal skills
 Professional qualification in a youth work related area (NVQ level 3 or equivalent).
Please contact us to discuss your qualifications)
 Experience of working in a school environment in a youth work capacity
 A full UK driving licence
 Experience in mentoring
Friday, 4th July, 2014
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