Job Description: Marketing Manager The Marketing Manager is

Job Description: Marketing Manager
The Marketing Manager is responsible for ensuring a quality communication experience between the staff
of MOSA and the world at large, specifically the organic community and MOSA clients, and developing
top notch marketing strategies and materials that exemplify MOSA’s mission of promoting organic
integrity through practical, reliable, and friendly certification services. The Marketing Manager is a
member of MOSA’s Management Team.
Reports to: Executive Director
The responsibilities of the Marketing Manager include but are not limited to:
1. Lead MOSA’s marketing efforts:
a. Develop and implement an annual marketing plan consistent with MOSA’s long range plans
and informed by market analysis and MOSA’s growth strategy, working with all departments
as necessary and ensuring that projects are completed on time and within budget.
b. Maintain and expand MOSA’s branding and visual identity guidelines.
c. Develop marketing materials and content for conferences, direct mail, website, social media,
and other educational or promotional materials as needed.
d. Work with graphic designers, web developers and outside agencies as necessary to develop
innovative and professional materials.
e. Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of marketing strategies and adapt as needed.
f. Develop and execute online strategies that include search engine optimization, keyword
search, search engine marketing and social media
g. Maintain and update MOSA’s website and Facebook pages on a regular frequent basis
h. Manage the marketing budget.
2. Events management:
a. Continuously review the benefits and costs of events and determine MOSA’s participation.
Seek out new opportunities that align with MOSA’s marketing and long range plans.
b. Coordinate MOSA’s participation and staffing at events; handle registration, materials and
details of events on behalf of MOSA.
c. Develop presentation templates and guidelines and assist with creating materials for events.
3. Drive communication with MOSA’s clients and the public:
a. Lead communications with MOSA’s advisory committee, including recruitment, scheduling
meetings, setting agendas, and soliciting discussion and feedback.
b. Plan, coordinate , and promote regional meetings annually for clients and prospective clients.
c. Develop materials to educate clients and prospective clients on the organic certification
d. Notify MOSA’s clients of news and updates in the National Organic Program; work with
Certification managers to provide clear articulation of rule changes, material updates, and
other significant information.
e. Provide fresh content to website as needed.
4. Oversee the development, creation and publishing of MOSA’s newsletter:
a. Organize and facilitate meetings as needed to plan and identify content.
b. Develop and write original articles and copy.
c. Ensure that accurate lists of events, classified ads and display ads are included in the
d. Edit and proofread all material submitted for the newsletter.
e. Lay out the newsletter or subcontract with a designer to do so.
Revised: 11.2014
Coordinate newsletter production with the printer and create an electronic version to email
and post to MOSA’s website.
5. Participate in the continued development and maintenance of MOSA’s program, including:
a. Serve on the Management Team and fulfill leadership responsibilities.
b. Attend meetings and trainings as needed or as required; ensure MOSA representation on
working groups and task forces related to areas of responsibility.
c. Update areas of expertise and areas of potential conflict of interest as appropriate on an
annual basis.
d. Implement any changes to the NOS, MOSA documents and databases, or MOSA procedures
that pertain to areas of responsibility. Update marketing materials, social media, and website
content to reflect changes.
e. Maintain an understanding of MOSA policy and procedure as outlined in the MOSA
Administrative and Personnel manuals.
f. Maintain a familiarity with current issues affecting the organic industry.
6. Collaborate across the organization:
a. Participate in special projects and working groups as needed.
b. Ensure that communications from MOSA are consistent with MOSA’s mission and
marketing plan; provide input on all MOSA forms, documents and presentations to ensure
brand identity.
c. Ensure that MOSA’s branding guidelines are being followed by all employees and partners.
d. Review and approve all of MOSA’s public relations and marketing information.
Overall Skills and qualifications:
1. Exceptional writing, editing and proofreading skills with an eye for detail and experience in
marketing writing/publication and development of website content.
2. Outstanding interpersonal and communication skills; ability to collaborate effectively with both
staff and with clients, partners, and vendors.
3. Excellent organizational and prioritization skills.
4. BA/BS degree in related field or equivalent experience.
5. Ability to travel occasionally.
6. Web-savvy skills; technical computer prowess to work with content management software and
fluency with publishing software.
7. Familiarity with the organic industry, organic certification, and MOSA’s place in it.
Physical Requirements
Sitting and standing for long periods of time
Typing on a computer keyboard and sitting in front of a computer for long periods of time
Walking long distances over uneven terrain
Valid driver’s license
Revised: 11.2014
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