Preserving Ecosystems Study Guide

Preserving Ecosystems Study Guide
 Compost is decayed material used to enrich soil
 Litter keeps plants from growing by covering the soil
 Grass clippings are used to make compost. They are not
 Plant material left in a compost pile will cause dead plants to
 Motor oil is a hazardous waste
 Organic farming is an example of green agriculture
 Cardboard, paper, and untreated wood are biodegradeable—
metal is not
 Ecotourism is travel to natural habitats to avoid harm to those
 Yard waste ( grass clippings, leaves)can best be used to make
 An example of conservation is protecting areas of wildlife
 A dam can harm an ecosystem by not allow the soil along the
river to be enriched
 Fertilizer might harm a nearby stream by washing in a stream an
harming fish
 Too much waste added to an ecosystem, the waste is a
 Recycling is using old materials to make new ones