Native Son by Richard Wright - Wood

Native Son by Richard Wright
Book #1 Read by 10-19-11
Research Era in terms of race relations in America in the 1940's
Research Author- What is a common theme in his writing?
What motivated him to write Native Son?
Post two "things to think about" These are questions that you may have
thought about as you were reading. This may be something from the
novel that made you think about such as an issue in today"s society to
which the novel relates to or imitates. It may be something that
stood out to you about the character, the relationships between the
characters. Again, these are just suggestions.
Ms. Millar’s Questions:
1. Who/What do you feel is responsible for poverty, homelessness, and
crime in America?
2. Do you think the "bad" elements in society can be fixed (support
based on nature/nurture theory)?
****Each student must comment on at least two other students' posts.
Your answers must be enlightening or address the thought being posed.
I am not looking for answers such as, "yes" "no" "I agree" "I
disagree" or "me too."
Post at least one quote that you feel is significant in Book 1 and
explain why. If someone has already posted your quote or dialogue that
refers to the same part of the plot, you must select a different
Each student must comment on at least one other student's post.
Book #2 Read by 10-28-11
Book #3 Read by 11-7-11
* Bring in two literary criticisms of Native Son. Be prepared to defend or rebut criticisms in class