Brave New World Chapters 1 and 2

Encore English 10
Mrs. Sharp
Brave New World
Chapters 1 – 2
Guided Notes/ Response Questions
Use the following questions to guide your understanding and our class discussion of the text. You may answer
these questions in your notebook; however, if you own your book and feel comfortable doing so, you may
respond to the questions by noting pages and passages in your book and adding your own thoughts and
ideas (on post-its, with notes in margins, etc.).
These questions will serve as the basis of our discussion of the text on Wednesday. Completion will ensure
your preparedness for class.
As You Read
 List the characters you meet and what you learn about each of them.
 Also, list the information you discover about each caste.
Chapter 1
1. Explain/describe the exposition of the story (main characters, setting, basic situation, etc).
2. Who/What is the D.H.C.?
3. What is the reward for donating ovaries?
4. How are the fertilized Alpha and Beta eggs treated differently from the others?
5. Describe Bokanovsky’s process. What more do we learn (other than what we discussed on the
6. What are some treatments the fertilized lower caste eggs receive?
7. What is Podsnap’s Technique?
8. Do all Epsilons look alike? How so/Why?
9. What is a freemartin?
10. What is a problem that the Hatchery has not yet been able to solve?
Chapter 2
1. Who do we see being conditioned in this chapter and what two objects are the babies conditioned to
2. Why does the State condition the masses to dislike these certain items?
3. What does the director tell the students about the past that is “obscene”?
4. What are the lessons that are being taught through hypnopaedia?
5. What does the child’s mind, and later the adult’s, become?