Concert Review Guidelines

Concert Review Guidelines
Due Date: 5 school days after the concert
** Please attach an original concert program or ticket stub (with your name
on it) to your review in order to verify your attendance. **
Each review should be at least 250 words:
1 page, typed double spaced, 12 point text.
2 pages, handwritten, single spaced, legibly written.
What do I write?
In the opening paragraph, briefly describe the event (Type of music, type of
ensemble, date, location, purpose, etc.). In the opening sentences, you might
want to summarize the general experience. Avoid naming all the titles of the
compositions in this paragraph.
In the bulk of the review, you may address the following questions:
What type of music does this artist/group perform? (e.g. hip-hop,
blues, jazz, pop)
What words would you use to describe the style of this
What special talents does the artist/group possess, and how are
these talents demonstrated?
Describe a few songs performed by the artist or group and discuss
how these songs relate back to the style of the artist/group.
How does the music reflect the society in which it was written?
What about the experience was new or different to you?
What impressed you about this live experience and why?
Which selection intrigued you the most? Explain what it was about
the music that intrigued you.
If there was a selection that you did not enjoy, why didn’t you
enjoy it?
What was your opinion about the performer’s presentation of the
How did the aspect of live performance affect your perspective on
the music?
What were the benefits of attending this concert?
Your conclusion should summarize your overall impression of the concert.
Suggestions to make your concert review better:
Take notes during the show to refer to later.
Assume that your audience knows nothing about the performance
or genre.
Do some advance research to discover the groups background. Is
this your first time seeing them or one of their shows? How does
it compare?
Avoid using the work “song” when you really intend the work “piece”
or “composition”.
Name the title when talking about a composition and put it in
If you comment on specific people, give their names for clarity.