Essay 3 Multiple Source Argumentative Paper

Essay 3 Multiple Source Argumentative Paper
Read at least two articles on a related topic. These may be of your own choosing. See me
if you need any help finding sources. Decide what your ideas on the subject are and write
a response that includes references to at least two articles. Be sure to cite all materials
properly. Use your reference book to help you or ask me if you have questions. Use
quotations and paraphrases to support your conclusions. These papers should be four
pages in length, not counting a title page or bibliographic page.
Be sure to include the basic elements of an argumentative essay—particularly an
introduction, forecasting thesis statement that articulates your claim, and conclusion.
This is also an exercise in synthesis; therefore, your paper will be evaluated on how well
you use the sources to support your conclusions (claims) and the effective
punctuation/citation of quotes, paraphrase, and works cited or references page.
A rough draft (at least brainstorming/outline, source list, and working thesis statement) is
due March 25th. The final copy of this assignment is due April 1st.