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Last Monday, we met a nice woman whose name is Francesca
She is twenty years old and was born on the twenty-first of April in
London. She is British and she’s living in France for seven months.
Her father, whose name is Philip, is English and French whereas,
her mother is Austrian and Latvian. Her mother’s name is Elaine, she
works for an Airline while her father works for England Heritage. She has
got an older sister whose name is Alexandra. She’s twenty-four and she
is a head hunter.
Francesca studies at Warwick University, in Warwickshire, where
she learns History of Art and French to work in advertising in London.
She lives there in a flat with two boys and two girls.
She has got two cats whose names are Oscar and Clementine.
She likes going shopping and going to the cinema ( her
favourite film is Gladiator). She enjoys riding horses and playing the
piano. She’s fond of French food (especially « quiche » and « gratin
dauphinois ») and French wine.
On the other hand, she hates frogs and snails, and she doesn’t
practise any sport.
She has been to Switzerland and Australia. She has also been to
France, Dijon, Lyon and Paris. Her family have a « chalet » in
In London, she enjoys going to Trafalgar Square and likes having a
walk in Kensington. She has lived there since she was a baby.