"My Last Duchess" By Robert Browning "My Last Duchess"

"My Last Duchess" By Robert Browning "My Last Duchess" is another
dramatic monologue revealing the narrator's possessive behaviour towards
his wife. Robert Browning has written "My Last Duchess" in similar ways to
"Porphyria's Lover". Both poems have similar ideas and depict of possessive
male figures. The audience for "Porphyria's Lover" is the reader yet in "My
Last Duchess" there is a direct audience which is the count's servant and an
indirect audience which is the reader. In the poem Browning creates a male
character who is the Duke of Ferrara. The Duke is a mysterious character
who appears to of thought a lot about his Duchess, "That's my last Duchess
on the war". This potrays his character's image as being a kind, gentle and
caring person. The Duke obviously admires his portrait of the Duchess, "I
call that piece a wonder". "Looking as if she were alive", this quote