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Log Topics 1 & 2: Marking Period
Log Topic #1
Just like the Duke, in “My Last Duchess,” we all have (or know someone who has) issues
with negative attributes, such as jealousy, being controlling, embellishing the truth,
arrogance, anger, selfishness, and materialism. Choose 2-3 that you have experience with
and explain the negative consequences that can occur as a result of letting these attributes
control one’s life. Use examples to support your claim.
Log Topic #2
Consider the poem, “My Last Duchess.” Imagine that the Duchess could hear what the
Duke was saying about her to his guest. If she were able to speak to that guest after her
husband left the room, what might she say to him? Look at the things he mentions and the
points he makes, and keep in mind his character. How would her version of the story
differ from his?
Log Topics 3 & 4
Log Topic #3
In “A Rose for Emily” and “My Last Duchess,” Miss Emily and the Duchess clearly were
treated and viewed poorly by the men in their lives. Even in today’s society, attitudes and
expectations about women are viewed differently based on what one’s gender is.
How are attitudes and expectations of today's women similar to that of Miss
Emily and the Duchess? Is it fair? Why does it persist?
If you are a male, explain how similar you think your response to the above
question is to the other females in your class. If you are a female, explain what
similarities your answer to the above question is to the males in your class.
Log Topic #4
Compare and contrast the following characters. Cite textual evidence in your answer.
 Homer Barron, Miss Emily’s father, and the Duke.
 Emily and the Duchess
Log Topics 5 & 6
Log topic #5
A central idea that is going to be presented in Hamlet is the personal struggle we have
between action and inaction – especially in deciding when to act and when it’s best to
leave well enough alone. Both choices have positive and negative consequences. Discuss
this dilemma from both sides. Use examples to illustrate both and include your own
opinion on which might be best – or use an example from your own life experiences to
illustrate a time you did or didn’t act.
Log Topic #6
Free Write
***This is the last entry for marking period 1 – choose 1 entry to make into a fully
developed essay and hand the other 5 into me next class.
Log entries due: Friday, September 26th
Developed essay entry due: Thursday, October 2nd