DOL Week 4

DOL Week 4
8th Week 4: Day 1
Mr. Wongs students studying the Amazon River, therefore, their teacher
made a special raquest.
Mr. wong wants them to watch the special television show at 800 p.m. next
Week 4: Day 2
The Amazon River, the second long river in the world, carry one fifth of the
world’s river water.
“Each second, the Amazon discharjes more than six million cubic feets of
water into the Atlantic ocean” said Karl.
Week 4: Day 3
“The Nile river is longer than the Amazon but the Amazon is wide than the
Mississippi river,” perclaimed Meira.
What an amazing variety of wildlife the Amazon foster, more than 300 kinds
of hummingbirds live near this river.
Week 4 Day 4
“Is it possible mr. Wong that in prehistoric times Africa and south America
may have been joined,” asked Karl.
Mr. Wong said, “Well the rivers in the two continents did contain similar
fish millions of years ago Karl.”
Week 4: Day 5
Meira told we, “A spanish explorer, Francisco Orellana, visit the river in
1541 and named it.
“He thinked the local warriors were like an Amazon in ancient greek
myths,” she added.