Parent`s rules essay

Parent’s rules essay
Ryan Lauer
My parents sometime put very strict rules on me, but I know it’s for the best for
me. I wouldn’t even try to argue with them because my mom has MS, and stressing her
out would make it worse. To even consider arguing with my parents is mad. There for, all
the rules my parents make and will make are fair.
Even if I did, my parents will always win the argument, so it’s useless to argue.
It’s better if I just do as they say. I’m not allowed to play video games until the weekend,
which I think it’s fair because I play them too much and don’t concentrate on
schoolwork. I have to do the dishes when I’m done with my homework, which is also fair
because I need to contribute my effort to the house.
If I don’t do as I’m told, I lose my privileges and get yelled at, maybe even
slammed against a wall if I get them angry enough, but they don’t want to hurt me. I
know that for a fact. They just need to discipline me. I know they don’t hate me or punish
me just to be mean. It’s for my own good. I can’t talk about family matters in school, but
this is a project, so I’m just going to have to live with it. We don’t argue much about the
rules because they are very fair. I didn’t even want to do the project in the first place
because I would never go against my parents. So instead, I did a report about how I try to
listen to my parents and do as I’m told.