Paper Three Introductions

Paper Three Introductions
GNED 102
Dr. Fike
1. Some say that he is the Jesus of basketball because he came and rescued the game
whose reputation was plummeting; others say that he is just a legend. But no matter what
you might think of him there is no denying that he was one of the best basketball players
to ever lace up a pair of Nikes and walk onto the hardwood. Not only is he the face of
basketball but he also is the face of consumerism. Why? The reason is because everyone
wants to be like Michael Jordan.
2. Brian Swimme states in his essay, “How Do Our Kids Get So Caught Up in
Consumerism”, that “the image of the idea human is also deeply ser in our minds by
unending preachments of the ad” (Swimme 70). That is making a point that humans in
today’s world are all about the image of false ideas created by advertisements. Swimme
feels that today’s world has forgotten about the ideal human figure like Jesus and Martin
Luther King. Swimme feeling this way shows that Jesus and Martin Luther King
represent consumerism at a very high level. Lebron James, National Basketball Association
standout for the Cleveland Cavaliers, is considered to be representing consumerism on such a
level. Although Lebron James represents consumerism at a high level, he does not represent
consumerism on such an equal scale to that of Jesus or Martin Luther King.
3. God is a religious figure that people look to for comfort, safety, and happiness. He is
am an that most people praise for giving them life and creating the entire world. People
see God as a man who loves all creatures. People believe in God because they want the
better things in life and feel that God can get them there. God guides people’s lives and
urges them to think of the eternal instead of things of the world. The non-believers take
pride in what the world has to offer instead of broadening their minds. When you put
God at the center of your life, good things will somehow always embrace you.
4. Traditional hunting has been performed since the beginning of times as a means of
food, shelter, clothing and tools. Though traditional hunting still remains, it has
progressed into that of sport; the murder of valuable wild animals including linons,
alligators, elephants, rhinoceros, and a number of other animals. In Ernest Hemingway’s,
The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber, the actions of sport hunting are revealed
through characters including professional hunter Robert Wilson and amateur hunter
Francis Macomber. Although hunting for sport is considered an accomplishment and sense of
excitement for those with the abilities of killing, the assassination of wild animals in their own
environment is a cruel death and a heartless talent.
5. “Religious tolerance” has almost become a buzzword in recent years. Even since 9/11, it has
been incorporated as a topic in several television shows and emphasized in many other areas of
media. Although in theory the concept of religious tolerance is positive, the practice of it has
been blown out of proportion and taken to extremes. The current idea of religious tolerance,
specifically regarding Christianity, is one that suggests Christians should keep quiet about their
beliefs and accept all religions as equal. However, such a practice of tolerance goes against
Christianity entirely. Through a recent discussion with a Winthrop University baseball coach, I
discovered how censorious, religious tolerance goes completely against my Christian religion.