The Media, Gender and Consumerism

General Information
Course name
Gender in the Media: The
Media, Gender and
Students will be provided with critical interdisciplinary approach to explore an
understanding of gender representations in consumerism. Analytical approach with
comparative cultural and gender analysis will provide students to explore the construction
of gender identities in media, focusing on advertising through variety of print and audiovisual texts. This course observes consumers as active creators of meaning in globalization
and glocalization through discourse analysis with past and contemporary references in
modernity and postmodernity.
The Consumer Society and Consumer Culture Theory
Semiotics, Myth, Gender and Consumer Culture
Analyzing Print Advertisements and Television Commercials
Gender Identities and Consumerism
Representations, Consumerism and Commodities
Body, Sexuality and Advertising
Gender, Consumerism and Happiness
Gender and Consumer Spaces
Mass Consumption, Gender, Identities and the American Dream
Attendance is compulsory.
Continuous assessment:
Active participation: Students should come to class prepared. Inclass participation and discussions are based on assigned readings and tasks.
Papers: 20%
Exam: 30%
Final Paper: 50%
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Compulsory reading:
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