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‘The Pedestrian’ –Ray Bradbury
Though quite short, ‘The Pedestrian’ is an excellent piece of prose with a great deal that you can write about – it
has a strong sense of setting, an interesting character and a crucial turning point, and it also deals with relevant
and interesting themes.
Plot summary
Write a plot summary for ‘The Pedestrian’ – try to use no more than three or four sentences.
Now make notes under the following headings by answering the questions. You must give evidence to support all
Setting (and description)
How is setting used to enhance the story? How important is the setting to the success of the text?
Turning point
Discuss the turning point of the novel, explaining how it is reached and how it influences the rest of the story.
Explore the use of characterisation in the text – what techniques does Bradbury use to develop Leonard Mead?
Theme / ideas
What themes and ideas are explored in ‘The Pedestrian’? How are they developed throughout the text, and what
effect do they have on it?
Narrative technique
From what perspective is the story told? How does this affect our reading of the text?
Comment on the conclusion to the novel. Discuss its suitability and effectiveness, with a particular focus on how it
relates to the categories above.