Refraction Crossword

Refraction Crossword
1. Light deviates ******* the normal when
it passes from air to perspex
3. Clear plastic
6. Difference in direction of two lines
7. Initial ray
9. The ***** of light changes when
enters glass
10. This can undergo refraction
12. Light deviates **** from the normal
when it passes from glass to air
13. The speed of light ********* when it
enters perspex
15. The speed of light ********* when it
leaves perspex
16. Line at 90 degrees to a surface
2. Name of ray after refraction
4. Angle in degrees between the normal
and a surface
5. Clear substance used in windows
7. Initial angle
8. When light changes direction or speed
on entering perspex
11. The path taken by light
14. A word that means change direction
17. Refraction can occur when light
passes from *** to water