Ballet Research Paper

Tap Research Paper – TEST GRADE
Research a famous tap dancer. Write at least a one-page paper typed, 12point font, times new roman and double-spaced. Below you will find a list of
items that need to be included in your paper and a list of Famous tap
Dancers is provided. If you choose to report on someone not on the list, you
must approve it with Mrs. Truett first. Only 2 people may write on the same
dancer so you must tell me when you decide who you are reporting on, it will
be on a first come - first serve basis.
Items to include in your paper:
 Born - Died (year and place)
 Where they had their dance training
 Who were their primary teachers
 Years and what they did throughout their dance career
 Awards they have won and Interesting facts
 Other things they do other than dance
Please make sure you do not copy anything word for word – everything must
be in your own words unless it is quoted accordingly in your paper and your
sources must be turned in on a separate sheet of paper or you will receive a
0 for your test grade.
Example of what you should and shouldn’t write:
Do not copy from the website…
Early life
Born in Richmond, Virginia to Maxwell Robinson, a machine-shop worker, and
Maria Robinson, a choir singer, Bill Robinson was brought up by his
grandmother after the death of his parents when he was still a baby: his
father died of a chronic heart disease, and his mother died of a natural
On your paper you can change it to…
Bill Bojangles was born in Richmond, Virginia to Maxwell and Maria Robinson.
His parents passed away when Bojanges was a baby, so he was raised by his