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E-Mail: [email protected]
Web Page: www.pages.drexel.edu/~kl23
Master in Business Administration - Major in Management Information System
Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA
Graduation: Aug 1999, GPA: 3.83
Bachelor of Engineering - Major in Electronics & Telecommunication
University of Bombay, Bombay, India
Graduation Date: July 1997, GPA 4.0
Honors: 1st division with Distinction, ranked among the top 5% in the University
Professional Training:
 Dimensional Modeling in Depth, Taught by Ralph Kimball, Kimball University, April 2005
 Managerial Finance, Johnson School of Business, Cornell University, Jan 05- April 05
 Project Management, Tompkins Cortland Community College, Ithaca, Nov 04
Technical Summary:
Operating Systems
Software Packages
Technology Methodology
Windows NT 4.0, Windows 95/98/2000/XP, Mac OS 9.0, MS-DOS, and UNIX
Oracle 9i/10g, SQL Server 2000, MS-Access 2005, FileMaker Pro 5.0, FoxPro 5.0
Brio v6.6, Hyperion v8.2, Crystal Reports 11, Interwoven 4.5, Cognos Decision Stream 7.1 (ETL),
Datastage 7.5.1 Parallel (ETL), Visual Basic 6.0, Formscape v3, Dreamweaver Mx, Home Site Mx,
Flash Mx, Adobe Photoshop 7.0, Visio 2005, MS Project 2005, XML Spy 3.5, LINDO, Star Team 4.0,
JBuilder 3.5, Astra QuickTest 5.0, SAP R/3 (S&D Module), TOAD 8.0
Java 2.0, JavaScript 1.2, DHTML, HTML 4.0, XML, ASP, C, SQL, PL/SQL, UNIX Shell Scripts,
E-R Modeling, Kimball Dimensional Modeling for designing Enterprise Data warehouse, Use Cases,
Brio EIS/Dashboards & Reports, OO Design & Analysis, UI/Information Architecture, DB
Professional Experience:
Computer Science Corporation, Sr. Consultant/Technical Designer (2005- Present)
Working as a senior consultant at CSC to help clients analyze their business intelligence needs and developing business intelligence
solutions in a data warehousing environment. Specializing in designing dimensional databases schemas, ETL development, designing
BRIO reports and dashboards.
Campbells Soups, Sr. Consultant, Dec 2006- June 2007
Campbell Soup Company, together with its subsidiaries, engages in the manufacture and marketing of convenience food products. It
operates in four segments: U.S. Soup, Sauces, and Beverages; Baking and Snacking; International Soup and Sauces and is headquartered
in Camden, NJ
Analysis, Design, Implementation, Testing, and Training
 Partner with key business users and technical colleagues to define data, information and reporting needs for current and planned
year end incentive compensation system and then translated those needs into formal specs for reporting and systems
 Design and implement Incentive compensation reporting tool as per the clients plan design.
 Extensively used use SQL for querying the database to generate standard and Adhoc reports.
 Extensively wrote Excel VBA Macros for custom reporting needs.
DLL - De Lage Landen, Sr. Consultant, July 2005 – Sep 2006
De Lage Landen is an international provider of high-quality asset-based financing products and specializing in asset financing with a
portfolio of €14.1 billion (US$ 17.8 billion) backed by its parent, the Rabobank Group.
Analysis, Design, Implementation, Testing, and Training
 Partner with key business users and technical colleagues to define information needs for current and planned business functions
and then translating those needs into formal, documented reporting and systems requirements. Participated in gathering business
and data requirements through workshops, work sessions and interviews.
Created a tool for Impact analysis that enables the client to see the impact of any databases schema modification to all preexisting BRIO document.
Functioned as the project leader for ETL development using Datastage parallel edition and served as a key liaison between the
development team in US and our offsite resource team in India.
Wrote ETL code using Datastage 7.5.1 Px to extract and load data from source data feeds into IBM Banking Model data
warehouse schema.
Cornell University, Sr. Programmer/Analyst (2004- 2005)
Working as a member of Cornell Information Technology to assist in the development of datamarts, reports, and Executive Information
System for Contributor Relation applications. Job responsibilities include the implementation and support of datamarts, creating Brio EIS
and reports. Also responsible for handling all phases of FormScape solution development for Cornell university mass mailing.
Data Delivery, Sr. Programmer Analyst, August 2004 – July 2005
Analysis, Design, Implementation, Testing, and Training
 Performing data modeling for fact and dimension tables utilizing Kimball dimensional methodology for new reporting databases
(RDS / Data warehouse).
 Writing ETL code using Cognos Decision Stream to extract and load data from People Soft CR module into our CR data
warehouse star schema.
 Project Management for BI projects. Gathering requirements for new brio reports and for enhancing old ones based on the new
datamodel. Designing new EIS/Dashboards and reports for management (Summary, Performance and Trend)
 Establishing process / best practices for EIS/brio report development, including data/report validation.
 Maintaining and enhancing the JavaScript repository for Brios and dash boards. Design and create dashboard templates and
developer utilities for less savvy users.
 Creating and maintain the stored procedures/functions used by brio in the Oracle database (SQL and PL/SQL)
 Testing and end user training for version upgrade of Brio from v6.6 to Hyperion v8.2.
 Responsible for handling all phases of FormScape implementations for various departments. Includes preparation of proposals,
requirements gathering, project management, project documentation and solution implementation.
Synygy, Inc., Business Analyst (2002 – 2004)
Working as a member of Client Services department to assist in Enterprise Incentive Management (EIM) solutions for Global 2000
companies. Job responsibilities include technical design of incentive compensation plans using Synygy Compensation™ software,
writing functional requirements, create reports, implement verification procedures, and fulfill client requests for information.
Siemens Building Technology, Business Analyst, February 2003 – July 2004
Analysis, Design, Implementation, Testing, and Training
 Work closely with clients to understand their business needs and facilitated the information gathering sessions to assess their
requirements for IC reporting and payroll system.
 Managed project to meet all system development project dates. Assigned task and components, with sequence and prioritization,
between sub-teams and individual team members.
 Design and implement IC Expert Database/Data Warehouse as per the clients plan design for IC report generation as well
as other data analysis.
 Extensively used use SQL and FoxPro for querying the database to generate standard and Adhoc reports.
 Extensively wrote Excel VBA Macros for custom reporting needs.
 Performed testing and user training.
Sankyo Pharmaceutical, Business Analyst, March 2002 – January 2003
Analysis, Design, Implementation, Testing, and Training
 Led a 5-member team to provide incentive compensation solutions and sales analysis to Sankyo, a NJ based pharmaceutical
company. This is a one million dollars project and has over 500 sales and marketing reps at 35 different positions.
 Made use of FoxPro and Oracle as a relational database management software and proprietary in-house software to process
and analyze data, create IC reports and implement verification procedures.
 Created data models, process-flow diagrams and helped senior consultants with documentation.
 Ensured the accuracy of the information that is produced to the clients by establishing various levels of verification
 Worked with systems department to implement a web based Viewer Portal (In-house Document Management Solution)
Drexel University, Adjunct Faculty, (2002-Present)
Primary focused in teaching MBA/undergrads students at Drexel University the concepts of Management Information System, use of
information systems technology in business, technology adoption, technology education and training, systems design and analysis,
telecommunication management, networking and client/server architecture.
Recipient of 2007 Samuel Mercer Jr. Teaching Award from Richard C. Goodwin College for outstanding achievement in Teaching.
Bennett S. LeBow College of Business, March 2002 – Present
Adjunct Faculty
Taught the following courses at LeBow College of Business:
(MIS-311) Management Information Systems
An introductory course in MIS that provides a broad overview of computer technologies and issues involved in deploying computers in an
organizations. Develops functional knowledge of microcomputer use beyond computer literacy, and examines microcomputer hardware
and software in detail. Examines networking issues, including the Internet, for their impact on businesses.
(MIS-344) Networking
Introduces networking concepts and technologies. Examines the OSI reference model, networking protocols and topologies, and
networking operating systems (NOSs). Compares local, campus, metropolitan, and wide-area networks and the newest devices they use.
Also includes hands-on use of a leasing NOS.
(MIS-359) Projects in MIS
This is capstone course of the MIS sequence. Involves couple of hands on project work that use various system analysis and design skills,
including business skills, to develop an information system. The course would focus on students to do requirements analysis, ER
Modeling, and development of a prototype system through a case study. The course would also include practical, hands-on skills using
Oracle Database and SQL.
(MIS-620) Telecommunication Management
Focuses on the media, topologies, protocols, and devices used in LANs, CANs, MANs and WAN’s. Covers data communications
hardware, software, media, and topologies. Examines how networks are used to support business processes and demonstrates the
capabilities of industrial- strength network operating systems (NOSs), specifically Windows 2000 Server. Also focuses on the business
applications of Internet and intranet technologies, including the Web and Java, with hands-on assignments and labs.
(STAT-211) Quantitative Methods for Research I
Following course is an introduction to Statistics and probability, students apply their knowledge to answer business questions,
summarize data sets, and estimate unknown quantities. They then progress to learning about continuous probability distributions,
particularly the Normal Distribution. Additionally, students learn how to estimate parameters and apply methods of inferential
statistics. Content covers the logic of hypothesis testing, applications of hypothesis testing, correlation, simple regression, and
multivariate analysis. Although parametric statistics is the focus, an introduction to several nonparametric methods is included.
(ECON 211) Principles of Economics
This course was designed to provide an analysis of resource allocation under market systems emphasizing theories of consumer and
firm. Major topics include interaction of supply and demand in markets, consumer choice, cost structure of firms, profit maximization
for competitive firms, role and impact of government intervention in market system through its monitory and fiscal policy and
International trade and exchange rates.
Viant Corporation (Viant), Functional Analyst/Team Lead (2000 – 2002)
Job responsibilities include managing projects for the analysis through user training for e-commerce sites and Intranet portals.
Mr. Ladha has written proposals, performed ROI analysis, created successful project plans and estimates.
Lehman Brothers (Client of Viant), June 2001 – September 2001
Analysis, Design, Implementation, Testing, and Training
New York, NY
Led the analysis through training phases for building an employee portal system for the Investment Bankers of Lehman Brothers. The
initial launch accommodated 4,000 users and resulted in an anticipated 15% Return on Investment (ROI).
 Performed an initial ROI analysis.
 Developed a complete set of functional requirements, UML models and use cases.
 Designed the portal to reflect revenue projections, staffing history, and tracking of projects.
 Led a team of 5 developers to implement a Java-based portal.
Enabled the portal to track project documents by integrating with Documentum.
Served as a testing lead.
Created test scripts, managed testing efforts with client resources and managed defect resolution and issue tracking.
Automated testing using Astra QuickTest 5.0.
Created training materials and trained over 30 users during the post-launch period of the initial release.
Vanteq (Financial Services client of Viant), January 2001 – July 2001
Analysis, Risk Assessment, Design, Implementation, and Testing
New York, NY
Managed analysis through testing phases for the Asset Management firm’s WorkingEquity™ Account website. The website serves
approximately 10,000 customers and is capable of managing loans of up to $100,000 per customer. The amount was carefully sought
to mitigate associated business risk.
 Performed an initial ROI analysis.
 Designed and developed use cases for online loan application, tools, calculators, and statements.
 Performed Consumer Research for Market Sizing and Concept Testing.
 Defined system requirements for customer retention and acquisition.
 Formulated Selling Strategy for Vanteq.
 Served as the key liaison between the development team and client.
 Built HTML/XML mock-ups and calculators and tools using JHTML. The application was created using ATG Dynamo
 Created Change Control Plan including issues tracking, risk mitigation, and defect resolution. The document is incorporated
in Viant’s best practices.
Money.com (Client of Viant), November 2000 – January 2001
Analysis, Design, and Implementation of Interwoven
New York, NY
Managed analysis through implementation phases for Money.com. All pages of the web site are updated several times a day and
consist of time critical information. The implementation has enabled a fast delivery of real time content, thus ensuring success of the
content-heavy site.
 Analyzed existing process flow and recommended streamlined workflows.
 Performed a thorough design of the content management system.
 Completed the analysis, design, and implementation of TeamSite and OpenDeploy in a phenomenal 2-month period.
Towers Perrin, Functional Analyst (1999 – 2000)
Provided management-consulting services to clients in the Health Sector vertical. Job responsibilities included analysis of client
benefit plans, designing and customizing the in-house Oracle-based benefit administration application.
Towers Perrin Health Sector Software, September 1999 – October 2000
Analysis, Design, Implementation, and Testing
Philadelphia, PA
Performed the analysis through testing phases in building a healthcare benefit administration software package for clients. Companies
of the likes of Raytheon and Moore North America's are using the software.
 Analyzed client benefit plans documents, customized system parameters.
 Designed the benefits administration software and created technical specifications for insurance carrier feeds.
 Tested system functionality and provided system support.
Drexel University, Teaching Assistant, December 1997-August 1999
Job responsibilities included coaching undergraduates in Business Management and Programming courses.
Drexel Center for Learning and Instruction, Drexel University, January 1998 – August 1999
Coaching and Budget Management
Philadelphia, PA
Coached Finance and other MBA Courses. Managed a budget of $60,000 for the center.
 Coached students in courses on Finance, Statistics and Economics.
 Participated in data modeling, prototyping and development of a student database which could be accessed using a web
interface. This system was developed using ASP, IIS and Oracle at the backend.
Department of Management Information System, Drexel University, September 1998- August 1999
Teaching MIS Courses
Philadelphia, PA
 Taught MIS course on Visual Basic 5.0 to over 120 students.
 Evaluated and graded assignments, exams and class projects.
Office of Computing Services, Drexel University, December 1997- September 1998
Managed the Drexel University Korman Center LAN.
Philadelphia, PA
 Supervised and maintained a LAN of 150 computers.
 Supported clients on both PC and Macintosh platforms and helped setting up labs.
 Identified and resolved problems with networking and printing.
 Conduct workshops to teach MS-Office applications, Unix and Web publishing.
College of Business and Administration, Drexel University, December 1997- September 1999
MBA Class Projects
Philadelphia, PA
 Developed Customer Order Management in SAP R/3 Sales and Distribution module (S&D). Also performed a system
design for a multinational company, created an invoice system for a bookstore and an order entry system for a grocery
store. Performed risk management of an investment of $100,000 in a portfolio of equity, bonds & option for profitable
 Analyzed order management system involving sales order processing, inventory management, delivery, billing and
customer payment. Project required thorough understanding of SAP reference model, enterprise IMG and workflow.
 Worked on a project that emphasized reorganization of the Information System infrastructure in a scenario involving the
merger of two companies. Performed SWOT analysis and proposed a single master domain model.
 Designed a database schema for a grocery store using ER-Diagramming techniques for its invoicing, purchasing and
inventory control components. Implemented the design to create a relational database using MS-Access’97. Also used
macros, SQL queries and VBA codes for the purpose.
 Risk/Return analysis for portfolio of 20 securities using beta, P/E ratio and company financial details, technical analysis of
a security before buying and selling, finding call and put prices using Black and Scholes model.
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