Idols have a positive influence on youngsters

Argumentative Essay Writing
Anson Choi
Idols have a positive influence on youngsters. Write an essay in which you EITHER
strongly support the above statement OR strongly disagree with it. Provide at least
three reasons in support of your opinion.
Who is your favourite idol? Many people have their own idols who have their
special skills and performance. However, some people don’t know why he or she is their
idol. In general, especially teenagers, they only follow their friends or the media but they
don’t have their personal opinion. Although teenagers are still immature, they should be
able to distinguish what is right or wrong. So whether they are positive or negative, but I
only think that many idols are still acting as the educational model.
In our daily life, many positive messages are provided by our idols. They use
different methods to tell youngsters or the public about the positive things. Some people
still argue that some idols are giving some negative messages to the youngsters.
According to this argument, youngsters are affected by the idols’ performance. It claims
that youngsters should have their own thinking skills. On the other hand, there are many
idols giving out the positive influence to youngsters. As Anita Mui, who suffered from
cervical cancer, had sent a positive message to her fans and teenagers before she died.
Although she is a pop singer and the great artist, she haven’t done anything to affect her
perfect image as the model of teenagers. Therefore, idols can give and should give out
some positive messages to public.
In this century with perfect information transmission century, most of the favourite
idols are highly focused by the media. Their performances will be the messages to
youngsters. Some people argue that many teenagers will be affected by one or two
negative idols’ behaviours. Moreover, some films or movies may also send wrong
information to youngsters. This argument assumes that any wrong performances must
send to youngsters’ mind and affect their maturity. However, the media can also help to
give out some positive messages to the teenagers. It can show that if the idols did
something illegal or wrong like in the Casey Nicholas Tse, then the media can help to
show his improvement and create his public image. As we know no one can be the
perfect one, but idols can help to give out the message about improvement. In fact,
media is good for transmitting positive information to teenagers.
If you are the most popular and favourite idol of the public, your every action will
be interested by media. Leslie Cheung is one of the famous pop-singer. His
performances captured many people’s attention. Many teenagers have followed what he
has done. However, he finished his life by himself and spread our wrong message to
teenagers. So that he damaged his image. Many people argue that why he did such foolish
things. In my view and his friends’ arguments, Leslie had got many pressures from the
media and his work for a long time. As a person, who can’t sustain those pressure will
Argumentative Essay Writing
Anson Choi
suffer mental disorder. So he chose to die. Therefore, as his fans, we should consider his
difficulties. Moreover we should make some decisions of what we should accept or not.
All in all, idols are the professional artists, most of them must send out the positive
messages to us. However, if there are some bad signals provided by them, we should be
more mature. Moreover, we should also find the best and meaningful idol as your
successful model.