Elliot Literary Analysis Paper

Literary Analysis Paper
You will compose an essay answering one of the three questions, listed below, about Yann
Martel’s novel Life of Pi. The essay questions are purposely broad to allow you room for
creativity and imagination in exploring the novel and its many intricacies. You do not have to
address the entire novel nor everything that happens in it. Feel free to tailor your paper to the
question and the most salient details to support your thesis statement.
This is an analysis paper, so it should not merely rely on plot summary. It must have an
argumentative thesis, solid textual evidence (proper, MLA quoting), and analytic reasoning to
support your position. I encourage you to move beyond the 5-paragraph essay model of high
school. It will allow you to explore more aspects in greater depth rather than a simple “point 1, 2,
and 3” model. (That may have worked on the AP exam when you had 45 minutes to write; it will
not suffice here.) This paper does not require secondary sources/research. I am interested in your
ideas and ability to form an argument.
Questions: Select one of the three
1. What is Martel’s message about perspective throughout the novel?
2. Why is religion important in Life of Pi?
3. What does Martel want to teach about human behavior?
Length: Approximately 4-5 pages
Format: MLA (12pt, Times New Roman font, double spaced, 1” margins)
Rough Draft Due: February 23rd (or before)
Final Draft Due: March 4th
- Final hard copy
- Final e-mailed copy (saved: lastname_firstname_LiteraryAnalysis)
- Rough drafts (1 with peer revisions, 1 with my revisions)
- Peer Review Sheet
- Planning Sheet
Please feel free to see me during office hours or make an appointment to discuss ideas for paper
topics, thesis statements, struggles, writing an analysis, etc. I have a deep affection for this novel,
and I’m very excited to see what you have to say!