Poetical Elements Practice Sheet - MVNU

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Mount Vernon Nazarene University
Adult and Graduate Studies – Introduction to Literature
Poetic Elements Identification Homework
(25 points)
Directions: Type the question and its answer on a separate paper. Be sure to answer all
parts of each question, using examples from the poems. This sheet and the poetry
PowerPoints will also serve as your poetry test study guide.
1. Define “denotation.” In the poem “Naming of Parts,” p. 692, give one example of a
word or phrase that carries two different meanings and can be interpreted in two different
2. Define the term “personification,” and explain how it is used in the poem, “Mirror,”
on p. 680.
3. Define the term “apostrophe.” Write a line that uses apostrophe from the poem “The
Ballad of Birmingham,” p. 658.
4. Define “paradox,” name one assigned poem that the book identifies as using it, and
explain how and where it is used in the poem. Be sure to include the line in which the
paradox appears.
5. In short paragraph, explain what “allusion” means and how it is used in the poem “inJust—,” p. 782.
6. Define tone, and describe the author’s tone in “For a lamb,” p. 806 using examples
from the poem to illustrate your point.
7. Define “dramatic irony,” and explain how it is used in “The Chimney Sweeper,”
p. 763.
8. Define “symbol.” Identify a symbol in, “Because I could not stop for Death,” p.752,
and explain what it stands for.
9. Define “overstatement,” and explain how it is used in “Sorting Laundry,” p. 767?
10. Name one simile and one metaphor used in “Dream Deferred,” p. 732.