Public Policy Paper Requirements

Final Paper Requirements
Before beginning your research, you must first come up with a topic. Your topic can
have relevance on the local, state, or national level.
Once you have chosen a topic, you must create a thesis question concerning the topic you
will attempt to answer through your research. This will be the question guiding your
Examples of thesis questions:
Should the United States provide universal healthcare?
Under what circumstances should gay marriage be legalized?
How much control should the government have over what is served in school
When is the death penalty a suitable punishment?
Part I: The Introduction
The introduction should be at least 2-3 pages, include all appropriate citations, and should
include the following information:
Background and/or history of the issue with at least two specific examples that
indicate it is a controversial topic in today’s society
Relevant facts and statistics relating to the issue
Brief overview of the major arguments surrounding the issue
Part II: Three Possible Solutions (Options)
Through the construction of three separate argumentative essays, propose THREE
answers or solutions to your presented question. Each option should be at least two pages
in length and include appropriate citations. Each proposed option should include the
Information from your research, including citations
Information from credible experts in the field
Results from a public opinion poll created by the student, breaking down the
results by demographic factors (including age, gender, race and ethnicity)
Reasons why this is the best solution (Remember, these are argumentative essays)
Part III: The Conclusion
Based on your research, analysis of all the information gathered, and your opinion,
explain which option you support and why. This section should be at least two pages.
Part IV: The Bibliography
Create a bibliography using proper MLA citation. Papers will not be accepted without a
proper bibliography.
Part V: The Appendix
The appendix should include the following:
Poll Questions
Poll Data: A one page overview of your poll results and 5 graphs depicting the
results of your data
Persuasive Business Letter: A letter written to an elected official who has the
authority and power to influence the issue you have written about. Explain your
position and what you would like to see done.
Part VI: Oral Presentation
80% of your Final Exam will consist of the written part of this assignment. The other
20% of the Final Exam grade will be earned through an oral presentation. This
presentation should be at least 10 minutes and include visual aids of some form. You
will be teaching your issue to your classmates.