Student name: Wan Kwun Ping

Student name: Wan Kwun Ping
Class: 4A
The 28th Annual Book Report Competition for Secondary School Students
Title: Frankenstein
Author: Mary Shelley
Publisher: Sterling Publishing Co., Inc
Number of words: 640
Frankenstein is a classic horror fiction written by Mary Shelley. It talks about a bright,
talented and impulsive man, Victor Frankenstein. He is born in a wealthy family in
which he is encouraged to learn about the world by studying science. The power of
modern science amazes him. He has studied science for a long time and become a
great scientist.
Everything looks perfectly satisfactory until he has made a human-like creature which
is built out of dead body parts. In fact, he has no idea he will create a horrible monster
before his experiment. When he sees the monster standing in front of him, he is so
scared that he has run away. The monster feels angry that his creator has brought him
a life but then left him alone in the world where people don’t admit him. At that
moment, Frankenstein knows his wrongdoings, but he does not face the problem. He
has traveled for two years and tries to forget what he has done. One day, he can’t run
away anymore. The monster has killed the creator’s brother and threatened that he
would kill his family one by one and make him miserable and alone forever unless he
builds the second monster accompanying him. Although Frankenstein promises him,
he has not built the second monster at the end. Though he wants to protect his family,
he does not want to make another big mistake again. Then, Frankenstein feels upset
and runs to catch the monster because he has killed Frankenstein’s wife. Finally,
Frankenstein dies in North Pole because of his weak health and the monster commits
The language in the book is very good and the intended meaning of the writer is easy
to understand. It gives us a clear idea of each character and every setting. It illustrates
and describes each scene very well. I have learnt some descriptive skills from it. The
story is told in an interesting manner. It is told from the perspectives of three different
characters. I have not read any other books that are narrated in a similar manner. It
guided me to look at people, places, events in a story from different perspectives.
Among all the characters, I like the monster most. Although he is ugly, he is born as a
kind creative. Maybe some people will think he is a violent monster because he has
killed Frankenstein’s family. However, he has the faintest idea of hurting anyone at
the beginning of the story. He has no intention of hurting those who throw rocks at
him and hurt him. He even helps the family do chores like chopping piles and piles of
wood for them in the woods. He just wants a family. He wants a place to get warm.
The sad reality is that everyone stays away from him when they see his unpleasant
If I were the monster, I would get angry and even think of retaliate because of the
abandonment and betrayal. I believe that he will be a good man if he has friends and a
family. Although he looks scary, he is actually a kind, good-natured and helpful
creature. He is the one who impresses me most.
The story also conveys a message of the importance of the family. Frankenstein has
indulged in science for ages. He has left home for a long time and he has sent no
letters to his family. Finally, he regrets not spending enough time with his family. He
cannot see them and be with them anymore. It is a lesson for us. Shouldn’t we spend
more time with our family? We don’t live twice. Unlike the monster, a dead person
will not get a reborn. If you don’t want to regret for the rest of your life, you should
spend more time with the ones you love.