Name____________________ Trials IV: Grandmother`s Victory

Name____________________ Trials IV: Grandmother's Victory Maya Angelou
Write clear, thorough answers and indicate the page number of your evidence.
1. What does the narrator call her grandmother, and what does this indicate?
2. Between whom is the main conflict (battle) in this story? Why?
3. What did the narrator think her grandmother should do in this situation? Why?
4. How did the grandmother handle the situation? Why? Think carefully.
5. Fully describe the grandmother in this story, including her principles. Use specific
examples to support your points.
6. Explain fully what grandmother thought would happen to people who violated her
principles. Explain how this belief affected the grandmother’s actions.
7. During the conflict, what do grandmother’s opponents demonstrate about themselves? Use
specific examples from the story to support your points.
8. Explain in what sense Grandma had gained a "victory." Explain what happened and back
up your statements. Be sure to consider what happened from grandma’s point of view.