Uniform - Sunshine Bay Public School

Sunshine Bay Public School
Policy - School Uniform and General Standards of
This policy has been prepared in consultation with students, staff, P & C Association
and the Legal Branch of the NSW Department of Education and Training.
This community expects that this school insist on sensible standards of appearance.
The Department of Education and Training requires students to conform to these
acceptable standards. It is our aim to foster pride in our school, assist in the
development and maintenance of tone and good conduct and reduce to a minimum
undesirable distinctions, because of clothing and general appearance, between
children in the same school.
An understanding of the importance of personal neatness, appearance, presentation
and self discipline is an important learning experience for all students who will one
day enter the workplace where such attributes are highly valued.
The school community supports the wearing of the school’s uniform by students at
school and in the course of school activities. Details of the school’s uniform policy
are attached. The school community has decided on the standards contained in this
policy and expects the Principal to be responsible for ensuring that students
comply with these requirements.
The setting of sensible standards of acceptable dress and good grooming are
especially important when students are participating in excursions, or are otherwise
representing their school.
It is the responsibility of the Principal to ensure that this information is conveyed to
all parents and students. Parents will be made aware that failure to meet these
standards will involve action which may include:
• disciplinary action in accordance with the school’s discipline policies
• exclusion from participating in excursions, sports visits and other representative
• a request to not wear inappropriate or unsafe jewellery, clothing or clothing with
markings that are not suitable for display to the general school community.
It is expected that all students will be well groomed and keep their hair clean and
Hair Dyeing
Natural hair colouring is acceptable providing a combination of two or more colours
is not used. Non natural hair colouring is not acceptable. eg green, pink , blue, etc. or
streaking using colours.
Non permanent hair colouring may be permitted on special occasions as determined
by the school. eg a disco
Hairstyles that are deemed to be “way out” are not acceptable. eg Mohawk style,
checkerboard patterning, lettering or other noticeably exaggerated “fad” styles. Hair
accessories are limited to unobtrusive adornments. eg bands, scrunchies/elastics, clips
and ribbons.
No body piercing other than a maximum of two studs or sleepers per ear is
acceptable. Studs and sleepers may be needed to be removed in order to participate in
some sporting activities. Safety requirements dictate that bangles, bracelets, earrings
(other than studs or sleepers), necklaces, rings etc. are not permitted to be worn at
school. Students may be requested to remove unsafe jewellery and the articles would
be kept in a safe place until the end of the school day.
Make up is not permitted apart from those times where it is used in the context of a
special performance. eg a dance or drama performance. Only clear nail polish may be
worn. Tints and colours are not acceptable. Nails are to be kept at a length that will
not cause injury to others and students may be asked to cut their nails if they are
deemed too long.
Temporary tattoos are required to be covered at all times.
Hats and Clothing
In addition to the uniform policy it is to be noted that clothing or hats bearing
offensive pictures or wordings are not suitable and children will be asked not to wear
such articles.
Hat Policy
All schools are expected to have a Sun Safe policy. This policy ensures our students
are protected from harm, particularly during the hotter months.
As part of our review of this policy we determined that the current hat requirements
do not meet the standard necessary to best protect our children.
It has been determined by the P & C and staff that the broad brimmed hats offer the
greatest amount of protection and needs to be the style that this school adopts as a
mandatory part of our uniform.
We have looked at a range of suppliers and compared costs in relation to quality and
have found that Primary School Wear has a hat suitable for our needs at a very
competitive price of $1000. These hats are UPF rated up to 50%, have a safety clip
release on the drawstring, are washable and come with our school logo.
The hats come in four sizes and will be initially available from the uniform shop.
Where a student has religious or cultural or other reasons to deviate from the above
policy they may make written application for exemption in part to the Principal.
(May, 1999)
Regarding Standards of Appearance
Today ______________________ presented at school with inappropriate ____________
in the form of ________________________________________________________
We have spoken with him/her and the following action has been taken:
I have attached a copy of the policy relating to uniforms and general standards of appearance,
ratified by our school community, for your information.
I seek your support in accepting the policy guidelines in relation to this matter.
Please contact me if you would like further clarification of this matter.
Yours sincerely
Roy Counsell
Please ensure that your child wears school uniform as below, and that all items of clothing are clearly
marked with your child's NAME. Every item of "found" clothing so marked will be returned promptly to
your child, but unmarked items will be held for a time and then transferred to the school's uniform pool, or
given to local charitable organisations. It is expected that the uniform will be worn in a clean and tidy
manner. Shirts may be worn out during physical activity.
Terms 1 & 4
Dark green shorts, light green shirt or gold polo shirt.
Green school hat (wide-brimmed or legionnaire style
preferred. Minimum acceptable to be a sun hat that offers appropriate
protection as detailed in the sun safe policy.)
School dress - school print and pattern.
or School shorts to be worn with a gold polo shirt
Green school hat (wide-brimmed or legionnaire style
preferred. Minimum acceptable to be a sun hat that offers appropriate
protection as detailed in the sun safe policy.)
Terms 2 & 3
Green tracksuit with gold skivvy, gold polo shirt
or light green shirt.
Green tracksuit with a gold skivvy or gold polo shirt
or Plain dark green culottes with a gold skivvy or gold polo shirt
or Plain dark green A-line pinafore over a gold skivvy or polo shirt
(anticipated mainly for the younger children)
Any predominately black or white lace up or velcro shoes with
black or white laces only (black when representing the school). White
socks (or grey socks for boys) that are visible above the shoe. White
socks (or grey socks for boys) are to be worn above the ankle when
students are representing the school.
SCHOOL JUMPER: The school jumper is part of the school tracksuit and can be worn
separately with the summer uniform.
Green shorts with house colour T-shirt.
Green skirt over scungies. House colour T-shirt
A-D ... GATENBY - Green M-R ... PARKER - Yellow
S-Z ... WRAY - Blue
E-L ... LASSAU - Red
BICYCLE RIDERS: For children riding their bikes to school, an approved Safety Helmet is
an obligatory part of school uniform, ie must be worn.
New uniforms and material and patterns for home making of uniforms
are available at several retail outlets in Batemans Bay. Ask at the
school office for details of these.
If your child is transferring from another school, and has a uniform from that school
which is still quite serviceable, it may be worn in lieu of the above until a new uniform
is acquired.
This policy should be read in conjunction with the following documents;
Core Rules – Discipline in NSW Public Schools
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