French Estates

Assignment #3: Causes of the French Revolution
Part 1: Origins of the French Revolution: French Estates
Part I: How might the opulence of Versailles lead to tensions in 18th century French society? [1-2 sentences]
ancien regime:
French estates:
Part II: Summarize the main characteristics of each estate. (BULLET POINTS OK)
First Estate
Second Estate
Third Estate
Part III: Be creative when answering these questions in 2-3 COMPELTE SENTENCES each. How you would feel if you
were a member of one of these estates? (COMPLETE SENTENCES)
What might the first estate think of the second and third estates? WHY?
What might the second estate think of the first and third estates? WHY?
What might the third estate think of the first and second estates? WHY?
Watch the film clip from History Channel: French Revolution and take notes below on the following question:
What problems in France make people unhappy with their government?
How does Louis XVI aggravate these problems ?
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