Causes of the French Revolution

Assignment #2: Causes of the French Revolution
Part 1: Origins of the French Revolution: French Estates
How might the opulence of Versailles lead to tensions in 18th century French society? [1-2 sentences]
Old Regime: The system of Absolute Monarchy in France. The revolution will overthrow this “Old Regime.”
French estates:
Summarize the main characteristics of each estate. (BULLET POINTS OK)
First Estate
Second Estate
Third Estate
Answer the following questions:
The first and second estates are called the privileged estates – WHY?
What are some issues the Third Estate might have had with the other two estates and the King?
Part 2: Causes of the French Revolution Documents
Watch the first few minutes from History Channel: French Revolution and take notes below on the following question:
What problems in France make people unhappy with their government?
How does Louis XVI aggravate these problems?
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