Lincoln on Leadership

Executives Strategies for Tough Times

By Donald T. Phillips

Part 2




Exercise a Strong Hand – Be Decisive a. Never sacrifice an entire organization to avoid losing one or two small parts. b. Never let a subordinate go ____________you. c. When making a decision, ____________ the facts, consider various solutions

and their __________________. Make sure your decision is ______________

with your _________________. d. Try ballots first; when ballots don’t work, use bullets.


Lead by Being Led a.

Try not to feel ________________ or ________________by your followers. b.

Always let your subordinates know that the honor will be all theirs if they

_________ and the ____________ a will be __________ if they fail. c.

Let subordinates _______________ know when they were right and you were wrong. d.

If others in the field can’t be successful, neither can you or your staff. e.

Never forget the organization does not depend on any one individual.


Set Goals and Be Result Oriented a.

Unite with a ‘corporate ______________’ b.

Set specific short term ___________ focused on ___________ and

_______________ by subordinates. c.

Leave nothing for tomorrow that can be done today. d.

Half-finished work generally proves to be labor lost.


Keep Searching Until You Find Your Grant a. Choose your ______ people who _________ responsibility and take _______. b.

Go out into the battle with your leaders and stand or fall with them. c.

If employees gripe about a _________________, and the complaints are true

_______________ him. d.

Give you followers all the support you can, and give them the presumption they will do their best. e.

Give managers _____________ to prove their can do the job

ANAM – Branson, MO

April 15, 2014

Dr. Michael Jones


Encourage Innovation a. When the occasion is piled high with difficulty, rise with it. b. Don’t lose confidence in your people when they fail. c. Let your people know you are always glad to have their ______________. d. Except in matters of broad policy, encourage people to take action on their

own initiative. e.

Remember the best _____________ never stop ________________. f.

Surround yourself with people who really know their _____________, and avoid ‘_____’ men. g.

Be quick to employ new _____________ and make every attempt to get the latest advances into their hands.




Master the Art of Public Speaking a.

Be your organizations best stump-speaker. b.

Extemporaneous speaking is your avenue to the public. c.

Use variety of body _____________ when you speak. d.

Prepare yourself _________________ for public speaking. e.

Try not to make ___________. Everything you say is _____________ heard. f.

Use visual to help re-enforce what is being said.


Influence People Through Conversation and Storytelling a.

When you meet people try not to part with any unpleasant impression. b.

Don’t forget that humor is a major __________________ of your ability to

_____________ people. c.

A good laugh is good for the mental and physical digestion. d.

People are more easily influenced through humorous illustration than in any other way. e.

_____________ is more often won through ______________ conversation than in any other way.


Preach a Vision and Continually Reaffirm It a.

Provide clear direction of the organization. b.

Everywhere you go remind people of the _______ _______________ of the organization. c.

When you preach your vision, don’t aim too high. Aim lower and the common people will understand you. d.

When effecting renewal, call on the ______, relate it to the __________, and then use them both to provide a ________ to the ___________.

ANAM – Branson, MO

April 15, 2014

Dr. Michael Jones