Write a rap, poem or song of at least 20 lines about

To My Beautiful Wife
By: Molly Latin
Lady Macbeth, my wife
Why do I let you rule my life?
You pressure me and guilt me
Into doing things I don’t want to do.
You are so very selfish, it’s always about you
Why kill the king?
We don’t need the fame
You push me around like it’s a game
You always want more
You don’t care for what you have
You make me sweat
I’m about to go mad
You stress me daily
I can’t bear it anymore
You are unthankful and arrogant
Just being around you, is a chore
You don’t want to work
You want it your way
You don’t care about the good of others
For you, I will pray
Lady, look at your self
Do you see what you’re doing?
After you kill the king, the day you’ll be ruing.
You’re lucky I’m kind
I haven’t left yet
You’re the nastiest person I’ve ever met.
You’re lying and killing
Look what you’ve started
You are blaming me
Soon our marriage will be parted
I’m done.
Yours truly, Macbeth