Romeo and Juliet/West Side Story Project Choices

Romeo and Juliet/West Side Story Project Choices
-Write some poetry that follows the iambic pentameter that Shakespeare uses in
parts of Romeo and Juliet.
- Examine closely the music you listen to and see if any of the themes in the
music reflect any of the themes in Romeo and Juliet and/or West Side Story.
Share some of these selections with the class and explain how the music relates
to the play .Examples of themes: love, hate, parent/child conflict, friendship,
passion, maturity, etc. Bring in your CDs and educate the rest of the class!
- Use your artistic talent to depict in the manner of your choice a scene from
either selection.
- Create a Jeopardy game based on one or both of the selections. Examples of
categories could include plot, setting, characters, literary terms, famous lines,
etc. Once you have come up with a list of questions to be used in the game, let
me know. You can either insert your game in a Jeopardy game template on
your computer or use the Jeopardy game system in Mrs. Knodel’s room. Test
your game by having your classmates play it. (This would count as your
-Many artists in many countries around the world have created paintings,
sculptures, etc. depicting scenes from Romeo and Juliet. Search the internet to
find some of this artwork and put it together using Photo Story. Add your
personal comments about each piece of art as your narration that accompanies
each slide.
- Search the internet to find photos that depict the themes of love/hate,
parent/child tension, racial tension, etc. develop in either selection. Add
appropriate music and narration. Present your slide show to the class.
- Write a comparison/contrast essay of the two selections. Analyze the
similarities and differences in plot, setting, characterization, themes, etc.
- Be creative! If you have a different idea for a project that you would like to
complete, propose your idea to me.
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