Student Essay Assignment on Archetypal Patterns in

Haven’t We Met Before?
Analyzing Archetypal Patterns in Literature
The High King
A Wrinkle in Time
The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
The purpose of this essay is to demonstrate your understanding of the hero and the hero’s
journey, as well as, the theme in the novel that you read.
Paragraph 1: The Introduction
Begin with an engaging lead that entices the reader to want to find out more. You
may use a quick burst, question, or intriguing event from the story. Remember to
grab the reader’s attention.
Be sure to identify the name of the novel and the author. Don’t forget to either
underline the title of the novel or type it in italic type.
Identify the purpose of the essay – to analyze and discuss archetypal patterns in
literature: the hero’s quest and journey, the major archetypal characters including
the hero and the shadow, and the theme of the novel.
Paragraph 2: Description of the Quest and the Hero’s Journey
Describe how the story begins, how the hero is called to adventure, and the
purpose of the hero’s quest. What type of archetypal journey is this?
Quote the prophesy and relate it to the hero’s quest.
State how the hero overcomes evil.
Paragraph 3: Character Analysis of the Hero Archetype
Who is the hero of the novel? Which of the following characteristics does the
hero show? (courage, strength, honor, compassion, integrity, faith, perseverance,
moral direction, noble actions, leadership) Select three characteristics from the
list and provide evidence from the novel to demonstrate how the hero shows these
Explain how the hero changes throughout the novel. Find some evidence of the
hero making mistakes; being afraid, fearful, and doubting his/her ability; acting
courageously; facing and overcoming fears; failing and trying again; choosing to
go forward even when the path is difficult; or changing themselves and the world
around them.
Show how the hero demonstrates courage. Courage requires a sense of purpose, a
belief that what he/she does matters, a willingness to sacrifice, and the strength to
fail and still keep going.
Paragraph 4: Other Character Archetypes
In addition to the hero, the shadow archetype appears in the novel. Who is the
shadow archetype? Why does this character fit this archetype? What evidence
can you provide to prove it? Symbolically what values/traits does this character
The High King – Describe Arawn.
A Wrinkle in Time – Describe IT.
The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe – Describe the White Witch.
Select one of your favorite characters from the novel. Describe the character
archetype for this character. Provide evidence from the novel in support of your
description. Be sure to quote the text.
Paragraph 5: The Theme
In most fantasy adventure quests, good overcomes evil. In addition to this overriding
theme, there is another theme to be discussed. In this paragraph please do share how evil
is conquered by the hero and his/her loyal companions. Then state another theme of the
novel. Refer to the themes discussed in class. Provide your own reasons for why you
believe this is the theme. Support your reasons with at least one quotation from the text.
Provide careful, thoughtful analysis.
Paragraph 6: The Conclusion
Conclude your essay with a discussion of how archetypal patterns are found in many