Outline for Research Paper

Outline for Research Paper
I. Introduction
Background- Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) stems early in childhood
from abuse and trauma, but symptoms generally do not appear until teen years.
The disorder is becoming more prevalent in society.
Thesis Statement Dissociative Identity Disorder has a long history that
helps current society understand causes and cures for the disorder
II. Eberhardt Gmelin and Sybil Isabel Dorsett (History)
A Eberhardt Gmelin was the first to note down the mental illness.
1. In 1791 he noted the altars’ of Sybil.
2. Wrote about a 20 year old woman that lived in Stuttgart that had
2 different alters.
B. Sybil was the most significant of the research; she had 16 different
1. She suffered from the physiological abuse that her mother
induced her in.
2. She suffered from blackouts when the alters came out.
III. Early child hood abuse or living through a traumatic event (causes)
A. when kids are young they can be abused by anyone and they don’t
have that much strength to protect their selves.
1. Psychological abuse can hurt the child just as much as physical
2. veterans of the war living through the war. (supporting evidence)
B. sexual abuse
1. children can have abusive parents (supporting evidence)
2.children can be forced to do things that they don’t way.
(supporting evidence)
IV. Psychotherapy and Medication. (cure)
A. Psychotherapy helps the patient on controlling their split personality.
1. It helps the patient overcome their emotions.
2. It helps the patients coexist with their alter egos or merge them
all in to one.
B. Medication
1. Medication is used to help patients with depression, anxiety and
other forms of psychological problems.
2. Giving the wrong amount or wrong medication can worsen the
VI. Conclusion: A restatement of the main points of your paper.
Dissociative Identity Disorder has been one of the most difficult mental illnesses
to identify. There are different ways to get this mental illness and it ranges from
sexual abuse to physiological abuse. This illness can be treated but it can
sometime take from weeks to months to even years.