Title: The Other Canon of Economics: Selection on Essays of

‘The Other Canon of Economics: A Selection of Essays on
Evolutionary Development Economics’
Erik S. Reinert and Jia Genliang (editors)
Forthcoming October 2006: Higher Education Press, Beijing.
Preface to the Chinese version of Evolutionary Development Economics Erik S. Reinert
Preface to the Chinese translation version of Evolutionary Development Economics Jia
Part 1: Basic Theory.
1. The Other Canon: The History of Renaissance Economics
Erik S. Reinert and Arno M. Daastøl
2. On the possibility of quantitative-mathematical social science, chiefly economics.
Wolfgang Drechsler (Journal of Economic Studies)
3. Exploring the Genesis of Economic Innovations: The religious gestalt-switch and the duty
to invent as preconditions for economic growth’
Erik S. Reinert & Arno M. Daastøl (European Journal of Law and Economics)
4. Schumpeter’s “Lost “Seventh Chapter: The Economy As a Whole
Joseph Schumpeter (Industry and Innovation)
5. Schumpeter in the Context of two Canons of Economic Thought’,
Erik S. Reinert (Industry and Innovation)
Part 2: Technology, Institution and Economic Development
6. Technological Revolutions, Paradigm Shifts and Socio-institutional Change
Carlota Perez
7. Institutionalism Ancient, Old and New: a Historical Perspective on Institutions and Uneven
Erik S. Reinert
8. The Role of Institutions in Economic Change
Ha-Joon Chang & Peter Evans
9. Banking and the Financing of Development: A Schumpeterian and Minskyian Perspective
Leonardo Burlamaqui & Jan Kregel
Part 3: Economic History and Modern Underdevelopment Countries
10. The role of technology in the creation of rich and poor nations: Underdevelopment in a
Schumpeterian system
Erik S. Reinert
11. How rich nations got rich: a Schumpeterian reinterpretation of mercantilism.
Erik S. Reinert & Sophus Reinert (in Jomo/Reinert The Origins of Development Economics:
How Schools of Economic Thought Have Addressed Development, Zed 2005 with a more
appropriate title for this volume)
12. Benchmarking Success: The Dutch Republic (1500-1750) as seen by Contemporary
European Economists
Erik S. Reinert (from SUM working paper)
13. Competitiveness and its predecessors - a 500 year cross-national perspective
Erik S. Reinert (in Structural Change and Economic Dynamics, Vol. 6, 1995, pp. 23-42)
14. Continental, national and sub-national innovation systems: complementarity and
economic growth,
Christopher Freeman (in Research Policy, 2002,31)
15. Increasing Poverty in a Globalised World: Marshall Plans and Morgenthau Plans as
Mechanisms of Polarisation of World Incomes
Erik S. Reinert (in Chang, Ha-Joon (editor), Rethinking Economic Development, London,
Anthem, 2003).
16. Technological Change and Opportunities for Development as a Moving Target
Carlota Perez (in Cepal Review, 2001)
Part 4: History of Economic Thought on Uneven Development.
17. German Economics as Development Economics: From the Thirty Years War to World
War II.
Erik S. Reinert (in SUM working paper & Jomo/Reinert op. cit.)
18. The Italian Tradition of Political Economy
Sophus Reinert (from Jomo/Reinert, op.cit.)
19. An Early National Innovation System: the Case of Antonio Serra’s 1613 Breve Trattato
Erik S. Reinert & Sophus Reinert (in Institutions and Economic Development/Istituzioni e
Sviluppo Economico, Vol. 1, No. 3, 2003.
20. Creative Destruction in Economics: Nietzsche, Sombart, Schumpeter
Erik S. Reinert & Hugo Reinert (in Backhaus, Jürgen and Wolfgang Drechsler (editors):
Friedrich Nietzsche 1844-2000: Economy and Society, forthcoming 2005.
21. Karl Bücher and the Geographical Dimensions of Techno-Economic Change
Erik S. Reinert (from Bücher volume)