Math 1.) What is the additive inverse of 9?

1.) What is the additive inverse of 9?
2.) Express .02 as a reduced fraction.
3.) If you take a board to a hardware store to have it cut into 5 equal pieces, how much will you
be charged if the price for each cut on the board is $0.45?
4.) The daily rate to rent a small moving truck is $19.95. This price includes 100 miles of travel
for the day. For any miles over 100, they charge an extra fee of 15 cents per mile. If Tara rents
the truck for the day and drives 142 miles, what is her charge, not including tax?
5.) The formula F = (9/5)C + 32 is used to convert temperatures from degrees Celsius to
degrees Fahrenheit.
If the temperature outside is 50 degrees C, what is the temperature in degrees Fahrenheit,
rounded to the nearest tenth.
6.) Give the number of angles in a heptagon.
7.) What is the sum of 3/8 divided by 2?
8.) Convert 0.125 into a percent.