Positive and Negative Integers: A Card Game THE RULES • Black

Positive and Negative Integers: A Card Game
This is an adaptation of the card game 25. You will need one standard deck of cards (jokers
removed) per group of students
(between 2 and 4 students per group).
The dealer will deal out as many cards as possible from the deck, so that each person
has an equal number of cards.
Put aside any extra cards.
Black cards represent positive numbers,
Eg. A black seven is worth +7 (positive 7)
Red cards represents negative numbers.
Eg. A red three is worth -3 (negative 3)
- Aces have the value of 1
-Jacks the value of 11
- Queens the value of 12
-Kings the value of 13.
The player to the right of the dealer picks up a card and says it out loud. Eg. If the
card is a black 8, the player says 8.
The game continues in a clockwise direction, with each player adding their card to the
pile and saying the sum of the two cards out loud.
Eg. If the next player picks up a red 9, it has a value of – 9. The player says 8+ (-9) =
The game continues until someone shows a card that, when added to the stack, results
in a sum of exactly 25.