POWER Program - University of the District of Columbia

D.C. Department of Human Services Economic Security Administration
About the Program
The Program on Work, Employment, and Responsibility (POWER) is offered under the auspices of Paving Access Trails
for Higher Security (PATHS) - a training and educational program developed for Temporary Assistance for Needy
Families (TANF) customers by the D.C. Department of Human Services/Economic Security Administration (DHS/ESA) in
partnership with the University of the District of Columbia (UDC)/School of Business and Public Administration.
George Lhagvadorj
4200 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Building 42, Room 214
Washington, DC 20008
The POWER Program is designed to serve customers who, due to incapacities, have been exempted by ESA from
regular TANF work requirements. The POWER Program provides an array of benefits and services that enable clients to
receive assistance in overcoming barriers to getting and keeping future employment or, in some cases, receiving
benefits that will lead to a more financially secure future. POWER activities are individualized to meet the needs of
clients based on their medical/personal circumstances. POWER participants are not subject to the TANF 60-months
lifetime limit, and changing from TANF to POWER will not result in a delay or loss of benefits. However, POWER
customers must adhere to the Power Program requirements.
POWER Requirements:
(202) 274-7106
(202) 274-7107
About the
University of the
District of Columbia
The University of the District of
Columbia, the State University, is the
only urban land grant institution in
the United States. The UDC land grant
mission focuses its activities on
improving the quality of life for the
residents of the District of Columbia.
UDC is conveniently located on the
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POWER Services:
A client is referred to the UDC PATHS/POWER Program by ESA and must:
Report to PATHS/POWER initial Intake, Orientation and assessments
Comply with the POWER Individual Living Plan (ILP) that helps remove barriers to future
employment and pave the way to future improved financial security
Participate in the treatment and service activities agreed upon in the ILP
Provide the POWER coordinator with a monthly update on their SSI and ILP status
Comply with periodic re-evaluation of their conditions by ESA Medical Review Team
A client is eligible to receive benefits and services including but not limited to:
Psychological and learning assessments, Individual and group counseling
Individual treatment and Employment Planning
Detoxification and relapse prevention
Individual skills and training assessments
Job readiness assessments, Pre-employment training and Educational advising
Transportation assistance, childcare vouchers and volunteer opportunities
Disability/SSI counseling
GED, ESL, DVS and other support referrals
After POWER – Participation in POWER may be terminated when:
POWER client becomes employed
POWER activities are completed and client is work-ready and returns to TANF
ESA determines the individual is no longer incapacitated
The client fails to cooperate with re-evaluation of the incapacity
The client fails to comply with treatment, training plans, and other POWER
After participation in POWER TANF benefits continue without loss or delay for eligible clients. The TANF sixtymonth lifetime limit and work participation requirements will apply when the client returns to TANF
Revised: Spring 2013
Support services are offered to participants
during the program and as they transition from
the POWER program.