Compatible Denominator Improper Fraction Integer Irrational

Rational Numbers: Vocabulary
Compatible Denominator
The denominator of 2+ fractions in
addition or subtraction is the same
Improper Fraction
A fraction with the numerator greater
than the denominator
(Example: 26/5)
The set of numbers
(Example: …-3, -2, - , , , , 3…)
Irrational Number
A number that cannot be written
in the form where m and n
are integers a d ≠0
Mixed Number
Non-terminating Decimal
A number consisting of a whole
number and a fraction
(Example: 1 2/5)
A decimal that has no set of
digits after the decimal point
(Example: π = 3.
9 6 …)
The result when one number is divided by
another; or the expression of one number
divided by another
(Example: 18/2 = 9)
In this example, 9 is the quotient
Rational Numbers: Vocabulary
Rational Number
A number that can be written
in the form where m and n
are i tegers a d ≠0
Repeating Decimal
A decimal with a repeating pattern in the
digits to the right of the decimal point
(Example: 1/15 = .666666…)
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