Ancient Roman Newspaper Project

Ancient Roman Newspaper Project
Causes of Conflict CBA
PROJECT CREATION CHECKLIST: These requirements must be checked off by a teacher as they are finished.
1. Take notes from at least 3 sources on the conflict “Fall of Rome”. YES________
2. My notes include information about who, what, when and where was the
conflict and what factors may of caused the conflict. YES__________
3. My notes also include information about
a roman event (sports, etc),
a famous
roman of my choice, and information I could use for a political cartoon and an
advertisement. YES________
4. I have created a bibliography rough draft of at least 3 different sources. YES __________
5. I filled in each piece of the graphic organizer before starting my rough drafts.
6. I created rough drafts of all the project requirements before starting on my final.
PROJECT REQUIREMENTS CHECKLIST: My final Ancient Roman Newspaper Project contains the following:
1. 4 Main articles: YES_________
 Headline “Conflict of the Century: Rome in Trouble” – 1 paragraph introducing
your position on the Fall of Rome, the general causes (factors) for its fall, and the
possibility that the Fall of Rome could have been avoided.
 Headline “Behind the Scenes” – 1 to 3 paragraphs to introduce the background
to the conflict: Who was involved?, what was the conflict?, when did the conflict
take place?, where did the conflict take place?
 Headline “Rome Has Fallen: the accused” – 3 to 5 paragraphs stating the 3
factors (causes) for the conflict, giving specific examples and commentary.
 Headline “Fall o f Rome: Could it of all of been avoided?” – 1 to 3 paragraphs
2. A political cartoon that includes a caption and illustration that critiques/criticizes or
satirizes a topic/theme/person or cause of the Fall of Rome. YES____________
3. Obituary of a Famous Roman YES______________
4. Sports Section – at least one small article describing an Ancient Roman event YES_________
5. 3 pictures – drawn or downloaded (included in bibliography) in newspaper YES_________
6. Advertisement – at least 1 short advertisement representing Ancient Rome with
authenticity. YES_________
7. Option: for extra credit, include wanted ads, entertainment section, human interest
article, weather forecast piece, or a business section. YES_________
8. Includes a title, date of the paper and authors name. YES_________
9. Final Bibliography YES__________
10. Authentic to the time period (Remember this is a Ancient Roman Newspaper) YES_______
11. Quality: neat and cared for, black or blue ink or typed, colored and outlined, correct
spelling and grammar. YES________