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Equestrian, Sport and General Education Faculty
Sports Studies
Sports Studies was introduced into the College curriculum in 1999.
The subject area now offers both full-time and part-time progression routes from introductory to
honours degree level. A range of additional qualifications is made available to all full-time students,
and strong emphasis is placed upon the development of their key skills.
The Subject Manager is currently supported by 10 full-time specialist teachers, plus part-time
teachers and coaching staff.
To support the development of sports courses, the College has invested heavily in physical
resources. A sports hall, including fitness suite, internal and external changing rooms, 2
classrooms and a seminar room were built between 2000 and 2002, and in 2003 a floodlit artificial
turf (rubber crumb) pitch was completed. Tennis/netball courts and a further artificial turf pitch
(sand filled) were added in 2006. Extensive sports turf now includes 3 football pitches and 1 rugby
pitch, together with training areas and a golf green. Further grass pitches and a covered sports
arena complete with changing facilities, a climbing wall and free weights gym are currently under
construction. Whilst the complex has a teaching function, it is run on commercial principles in order
to demonstrate good business practices to students. The Sports Centre Manager is supported by a
dedicated team of staff.
All of the area’s courses offer a distinct flavour, which includes extensive practical content, and use
of the College estate allows the inclusion of specialist activities, such as horse-riding, watersports,
clay pigeon shooting and archery.
Strong links with industry are reflected in partnerships with Northampton Town Football Club,
Kettering Town Football Club, Northants Schools Basketball Association and Northampton Saints
Rugby Club. These links have facilitated the establishment of sports academies which allow
students to pursue their interest in a particular sport whilst obtaining a formal qualification.
The current portfolio of sports programmes comprises:
First Diploma in Sport and Exercise Science
First Diploma in Sport and Exercise Science - Rugby
First Diploma in Sport and Exercise Science – Football
National Award in Sports Development and Fitness
National Award in Sport and Exercise Science
National Award in Sport and Exercise Science - Rugby
National Award in Sport and Exercise Science - Football
National Award in Sport and Exercise Science - Basketball
National Award in Sport and Exercise Science – Outdoor Education
National Diploma in Sports Development and Fitness
National Diploma in Sport and Exercise Science
National Diploma in Sport and Exercise Science – Rugby
National Diploma in Sport and Exercise Science – Football
National Diploma in Sport and Exercise Science - Basketball
National Diploma in Sport and Exercise Science – Outdoor Education
Higher National Diploma in Sports Management
Higher National Diploma in Outdoor Education
Foundation Degree in Sports Therapy
BA(hons) Sports Management
BA(hons) Sports Management (top-up from HND
Higher National Certificate in Sports Management
Higher National Certificate in Outdoor Education
Foundation Degree in Sports Therapy
VTCT Diploma in Personal Training
VTCT Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology
VTCT Diploma in Management of Sports Injuries and Nutrition
VTCT Certificate in Swedish Massage
Head of the Equestrian, Sport and General Education Faculty
The post holder will be accountable to the Sports Studies Subject Manager for the
curriculum development, delivery and quality aspects of their work.
The lecturing and training of students and other client groups to quality standards set by the
The tutoring and management of one or more courses or groups of students.
The development of Sports Studies courses.
To teach students attending full-time, part-time and short courses as directed by the Head
of Faculty.
To act as a course tutor to full-time and part-time groups and undertake the associated
organisation, administration, and monitoring of attendance including the collection of data
for course evaluation.
To tutor other student and trainee groups including the maintenance of records of
achievement and undertaking training visits.
To counsel students and maintain discipline as required.
To participate in the recruitment of students through attendance at Shows and Careers
To participate in curriculum development to meet changing industrial demand and College
To participate in demonstrations and practical activities with students and trainees following
a variety of courses.
To participate in internal verification, auditing and other quality monitoring processes.
To assist in the maintenance and development of resources and commercial activities.
To attend both day and evening meetings, courses, etc. considered to be of benefit to the
College and the individual.
To ensure that all Health and Safety legislation and good practice is observed,
including the completion of risk assessments, COSHH assessments and
Accident reports.
To attend College Open Days and other Public Events.
To undertake such other duties as the Principal may require and as may reasonably be
expected, commensurate with the grade of the post. This may include either the temporary
or permanent redeployment to an alternative or similar equivalent post
This job specification represents the major tasks to be carried out by the post holder and it
identifies the level of responsibility at which the post holder will be required to work. In the interests
of effective working the major tasks may be reviewed from time to time to reflect changing needs
and circumstances. Such reviews and any subsequent changes will be carried out in consultation
with the post holder.
This will be in accordance with the Spine for Lecturers at Moulton College. Starting salaries
according to qualifications and experience at a point in one of the following ranges:
Lecturer Band ‘A’:
Lecturer Band ‘B’:
£22,199.00 - £30,506.00 * per annum
£27,756.00 - £36,059.00 * per annum
*Includes 3 incentive increments that will be available to appropriately qualified and
experienced staff at any point in the range.
Progression will be subject to achieving an acceptable performance review.
Suitably experienced teachers may be eligible for appointment as a course manager for
which an additional allowance is payable.
The person appointed will be available to the College on a full-time basis and will be
required to abstain from any other occupation if, in the opinion of the Board of Governors, it
interferes with the due performance of duties. The post holder will be required to reside
within reasonable daily traveling distance of the College.
The successful applicant will be required to complete a medical form and if appropriate
undertake a medical examination, and confirmation of the appointment will be conditional
upon this being satisfactory. In addition any current or recent medical problems must be
detailed on the application form.
The post will be based at the Moulton Campus, but the post holder may be required to work
at other college sites, and to carry out workplace assessments as part of his/her normal
duties. The person appointed may be required to use a College vehicle in the performance
of their duties. If a College vehicle is not available they may be required to use their own
vehicle and they will be entitled to claim expenses on the College scale for a casual user.
They will be required to hold a current driving license. It is the responsibility of the
employee to ensure their vehicle is insured for business use.
The College seeks to maintain high professional standards at all times. The person
appointed will be required to present himself or herself in a professional manner acceptable
to the College Management.
In accordance with the criteria defined in and the provisions of the joint Home
Office/Department of Education and Science circular Protection of Children; Disclosure of
Criminal background of those with access to children' dated 17th July, 1986; the
appointment is subject to a check by Criminal Records Bureau in respect of any possible
criminal convictions.
The Employee warrants as follows:1.
The successful candidate will disclose to the Employer any previous criminal
convictions that he/she may have and which are not spent within the meaning of
section 1 of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 save where the employment
falls within the scope of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 (Exceptions) Order
1975 (for example, where the Employee is involved in the teaching, supervising or
training of persons under the age under 18.)
That the successful candidate will disclose to the employer immediately upon
conviction, the fact that he/she has been convicted of any offence during the period
of his/her employment.
AND in the event that the Employee fails to disclose any convictions in accordance with
paragraphs 1 and 2 above, such failure to disclose may be deemed by the Employer to be
gross misconduct.
Annual leave entitlement, which includes the 8 designated public holidays will be 43 days
per holiday year. Leave must be taken at a time appropriate to the College calendar and by
prior agreement with the Director of Human Resources. Any efficiency closures must be
taken as part of the basic leave entitlement.
During periods of prolonged sickness absence annual leave will, save in exceptional
circumstances and entirely at the discretion of the Principal, accrue to the statutory
minimum only.
Staff are required to participate in a staff appraisal scheme approved by the College.
Staff are required to participate in a staff performance review scheme approved by the
For the purposes of the Employment Rights Act 1996, staff are required to authorise the
College to deduct from your salary any sums due from them to the College, including any
overpayment, loans or advances made to them by the College.
If staff are absent from work due to sickness or injury, they will be eligible to receive sick
pay in accordance with the College's Sickness Policy, a copy of which will be supplied upon
The payment of sick pay is subject to your compliance with the College's rules for the
notification and verification of sickness absence, which are set out in the Sickness Policy.
If a female member of staff becomes pregnant, she may be eligible to receive maternity pay
and may have a right to return to work after she has had her baby. Full details of the
College's Maternity Policy and the procedures with which a member of staff must comply in
order to exercise her rights are available from Human Resources.
Staff are required to devote their full time, attention and abilities to their duties during their
working hours and to act in the best interests of the College at all times. Accordingly,
he/she must not, without the written consent of the College, undertake any employment or
engagement which might interfere with the performance of his/her duties or conflict with the
interests of the College.
It follows that staff are required to notify the Principal of any employment or engagement
which they intend to undertake whilst in the employment of the College (including any such
employment or engagement which commenced before your employment under this
contract). The Principal will then notify him or her within 10 working days whether such
employment or engagement is prohibited by the above paragraph.
If a member of staff has a grievance relating to their employment, they are entitled to invoke
the College's Grievance Procedure, details of which are available from Human Resources.
The Procedure may be varied by the College from time to time.
The College expects reasonable standards of performance and conduct from its
employees. Details of its Disciplinary Procedure will be supplied to you. The Procedure may
be varied by the College from time to time.
The first 10 months of employment will be a probationary period, during which suitability for
the position to which the member of staff has been appointed will be assessed. The College
reserves the right to extend the probationary period if, in its opinion, circumstances so
require. (The College's Disciplinary Procedure will not apply to members of staff during the
probationary period.)
A member of staff shall not either during their employment (except in the proper
performance of their duties), nor at any time after its termination, use for their own purposes
(or for any purposes other than those of the College) or divulge to any person, College,
company or other organisation whatsoever any confidential information belonging to the
College or to any Subsidiary or relating to its or their affairs or dealing which may come to
the member of staff's knowledge during their employment. This restriction shall cease to
apply to any information or knowledge which may come into the public domain after the
termination of his/her employment, other than as a result of unauthorised disclosure by
him/her or by any third party.
Except in the case of dismissal for misconduct or other urgent causes, the period of notice
is effective at the end of a term and must be submitted to the Principal not later than two
months before the end of the Spring or Autumn Term and three months in the case of the
Summer Term.
For the purposes of notice the Spring Term will run from 1st January to the 30th April, the
Summer Term from 1st May to the 31st August and the Autumn Term from 1st September
to the 31st December.
Canvassing directly or indirectly will disqualify and the applicant is required to disclose in
writing whether to their knowledge they are related to any member of the College Staff or
Governor of Moulton College College.
Applicants will preferably hold a degree or equivalent qualification, together with relevant
teaching and/or industrial experience. A post-graduate qualification will be a distinct
advantage as will a formal teaching qualification. An interest in cricket or hockey would be
An appointee who does not hold a formal teaching qualification will be required to obtain a
Further Education Teacher’s Certificate (or equivalent qualification) within 12 months of the
30th September following appointment, and a Cert.FE. (or equivalent qualification) within 2
years of the 30th September following appointment.
Applications on the enclosed form should be returned to:
Human Resources
Moulton College
West Street
Telephone: (01604) 491131
Fax No: (01604) 645273
e-mail: [email protected]
Closing date for receipt of completed applications: October 23, 2008
We apologise that we are unable to acknowledge all stages of the recruitment process. Should
you wish the receipt of your application form to be acknowledged please include a stamped selfaddressed envelope. If you have not been contacted by the Human Resources within one month
of the closing date, you may assume your application has not been successful on this occasion.
We do, however, thank you for your interest in employment with Moulton College.
If after receiving details of this post, you decide not to proceed with the application we may as part
of our continuing quality standards and our commitment to equality of opportunity contact you
again to ascertain your reasons for not proceeding.
Applicants’ details are recorded to assist in monitoring our recruitment processes. This information
is not shared with a third party and is destroyed when the recruitment process is complete.