Travel Vaccination Fees

Hepatitis A 2 doses at 0 and 6-12months
Combined Hep A & B 3 doses at 0 1 and 6 months
Typhoid 1 dose (last 3 years)
Combined Hep A & Typhoid (see above for individual reinforcing doses)
Tetanus, Diptheria & Polio - (Revaxis - combined Td/IPV vaccine)
Cholera (Dukoral) 2 doses oral vaccine
Hepatitis B Free for patients in known clinical ‘at risk’ category – see attached list for details*** or adult aid workers assisting on
behalf of registered charities
Meningitis ACWY For patients in any known clinical ‘at risk’ category
Admin charges per vaccination: £20 for 1, £30 for 2, £40 for 3, £50 for 4, £55 for 5, £60 for 6
*cost of vaccines will vary depending on cost to surgery
*Estimated cost of
plus Admin fee for full course
vaccine as at April 14*
Japanese B encephalitis (£81 inc of vat - per dose)
£162 full course
Course of 2 £30
Rabies (£35 - £44 inc of vat per dose)
£105 - £132 full course
Course of 3
Hepatitis B Charge FOR TRAVEL ONLY for patients NOT in
any known clinical ‘at risk’ category
Meningitis ACWY - For patients NOT in any known clinical ‘at
risk’ category
Tick borne encephalitis
£50 full course
Course of 3
£25 1 only
1 only
Yellow Fever
Refer to a Yellow Fever centre
Please consult Practice Nurse for details
Payment in full for whole course must be made in advance.
Cheques should be made payable to: Alrewas Surgery
Please note - the surgery reserves the right to alter the charges. You will be notified before this cost is incurred.
*** Hepatitis B ‘AT RISK GROUPS’
1) Injecting Drug Users (IDUs)
 All current IDUs as a high priority
 Those who inject drugs intermittently
 Non-injecting users who are living with current injectors
 Sexual partners of injecting users
 Children of injectors.
2) Close family contacts of a case or individual with chronic hepatitis B infection
3) Families adopting children from countries with a high or intermediate prevalence of Hepatitis B
4) Foster carers.
5) Individuals who receive regular blood transfusions or blood products,
6) Individuals in residential accommodation for those with learning difficulties
7) Patients with chronic renal disease requiring haemodialysis
8) Patients with chronic liver disease
9) Inmates of custodial institutions
10) Babies born to mothers who are infected with Hepatitis B
11) Individuals who change their sexual partners frequently, particularly men who have sex with men
NATHNAC Tavel Centres such as found in Boots in Derby offer vaccinations and advice, including some Malaria prophylaxis