Mystery Book Project

Story Skeleton Project
Genre: Mystery Preferred
Due dates:
October 14 ~ book chosen and approved by Mrs. Riffle
October 14th~ signed parent letter returned
October 28th ~completed book project due, no late reports
Step 1~ Choose a book. It must be a chapter book on your reading
level. If you are unsure of your level please ask.
Step 2~ Have Mrs. Riffle approve the book. Once the book is
approved you may not change your mind.
Step 3~ Make notes (index cards work well for this) as you read.
Check the attached project sheet to help you decide what you need
for the project.
Step 4~ Once you have finished reading the book begin the book
project following the attached assignment sheet.
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Sign and return the bottom portion only
Parents: The students have ample time to complete this
assignment. I expect them to be responsible for the work. They
may ask for assistance, but the final product is to be theirs.
We have read and understand the guidelines and expectations of
this report.
Parent Signature______________________
Student Signature_____________________
Tell about the “body of the story” you read this month. Put together a
“skeletonish” mobile to use in your story presentation.
We’ll hang it up when you’re finished. Use index cards or stiff paper.
Put the skeleton together with string or yarn.
Head: Draw and color the face of the main character. Write your
name on back of the head.
Chest/Upper Torso: Write the title of the book and the author.
Remember to use proper capitalization and spelling.
Abdomen/Hips: Draw & color the setting where and when the story
takes place.
Upper Arms: Write 1-3 sentences in your best writing that explain
the main problem or adventure in the book.
Lower Arms: Write the names of other important characters. Add
how each relates to the problem or main character.
Thighs: Write interesting details from the book
Lower Legs: Write ways the character gets out of the adventure or
solves the main problem – the climax and solution.
Feet: Write one thing you like about the book on each foot.