The Seismicity of Egypt, Arabia and the Red Sea

The Seismicity of Egypt, Arabia and the Red Sea
A Historical Review
N. N. Ambraseys, C. P. Melville and R. D. Adams
(ISBN-13: 9780521020251 | ISBN-10: 0521020255)
Published October 2005 | 201 pages | 276 x 219 mm
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A careful and intensive study of historical sources and a review of the
instrumental data of this century have led to this detailed catalogue of
earthquakes. Egypt, Arabia, the Red Sea region and the surrounding areas of
Libya, Sudan and Ethiopia are studied from the earliest times to the present day.
Each earthquake is described as fully as possible from the available data, and is
analysed in a geographical and historical context. The completeness of the
earthquake catalogue over time is analysed and the range of sources and
problems associated with the scrutiny of historical sources is discussed. The
information is then placed in a geophysical framework.
Preface; A note on transliteration; A note on chronology; Acknowledgements; 1.
Introduction; 2. Macroseismic information; 3. Instrumental information; 4.
Conclusions; References; Index.
‘Once again the authors are to be congratulated on a painstaking piece of
research that is now the starting point for anyone working on the seismicity of
this region … The price is reasonable, given the obvious quality of the data and its
presentation.’ Martin Degg, Geoscientist
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