As the Trustees began to prepare for The Rotary Foundation’s centennial in 2017 , they recognised the
immense growth in the work of The Rotary Foundation , particularly in the area of humanitarian grants,
and identified a growing need to focus efforts in order to achieve a greater impact, more public
recognition , and streamlined operations for improved efficiency.
The Trustees sought input from a wide variety of stakeholders through interviews, surveys, focus
groups, and input sessions and in February 2005, based on this information, the Future Vision Plan was
initiated with the following goals:
Simplify programs and processes
Focus Rotarian service efforts to increase global impact
Support global and local efforts
Increase a sense of ownership at the district and club levels
Enhance Rotary’s public image
To test this new plan, from July 2010 the Foundation began running a 3-year pilot which includes
participation from 100 of 530 Rotary districts. During the pilot the Foundation will be working to
evaluate the Future Vision Plan and make adjustments as necessary before all districts transition to the
new model on 1st July 2013.
The Trustees of the Rotary Foundation have identified six areas of focus for the new grant structure that
reflect critical humanitarian issues and needs that Rotarians are already addressing world wide.
Peace and Conflict Prevention/Resolution
Disease Prevention and Treatment
Water and Sanitation
Maternal and Child Health
Basic Education and Literacy
Economic and Community Development
In the future vision model there are only three grant types: district grants, global grants, and packaged
grants, all of which fund activities for both educational and humanitarian projects.
District grants are block grants that provide the flexibility to fund a broad range of local and
international projects of clubs and districts related to TRF’s mission , but which do not
necessarily tie to the six areas of focus
Global grants provide a world fund match on contributions for club and district humanitarian
and educational activities aligned with the six areas of focus
Packages grants provide opportunities for Rotary clubs and districts to work with TRF’s strategic
partners on pre-designed activities funded entirely with World Fund.
Qualification: To participate in this new grant structure, districts and clubs must be qualified by The
Rotary Foundation. The Foundation has designed a simple process for districts to complete before
applying for their first year’s district and global grants. Qualification will be renewable every three years.
Clubs who wish to participate in global grants will also need to be qualified by their districts. We have
been assured that TRF is not talking about a complicated process; rather about each district in the world
meeting a certain minimum standard in terms of agreement of the clubs to participate, in terms of
training district leaders, and having the established committees and processes in place to ensure the
effective implementation of projects and activities of TRF.
Although District 9780 is not participating in the project, we are beginning to prepare now for the
transition. As a one-time exception, the Trustees of TRF have agreed that District Rotary Foundation
Committee (DRFC) chairs who are appointed for the term commencing 1 July 2013 be appointed by 1
July 2012 in order for them to have twelve months to prepare for the global launch of a new grants
process. This will enable the 2013 – 2016 DRFC chair to attend training sessions at the 2013
International Assembly and be able to provide the district with the expertise gained there for three
In District 9780 DG Brian Trenery has been appointed as at 1 July 2012 as the DRFC chair effective 1st July
2013 and will work in conjunction with myself as the current DRFC chair over the next twelve months.
In addition to the administration of the present TRF projects for 2012 – 2013 we will looking to develop
strategies in best preparing the clubs in District 9780 for the transition to the new grant model.
Towards that we have appointed PP Stephen Lamont from RC Highton Kardinia to be part of the Future
Vision Plan team, and as well we are looking to develop a relationship with pilot District 9800 as a
mentor and to share experiences.
From now I would urge clubs to learn more about the Future Vision Plan and new polices and
procedures by visiting the RI website, and sign up for the Future Vision News, a free monthly newsletter
from TRF.
I look forward to a successful implementation of this new grant model that will help the clubs of District
9780 make a great impact with their humanitarian efforts.
PDG Chris Sims
DRFC Chair, District 9780