MSDS - Krumrey Industrial Minerals

PLANT: 1224 HWY. 478, P O BOX 988, ANTHONY, NEW MEXICO 88021
PHONE” 575-882-7451 FAX: 575-589-3431
Material Safety Data Sheet
Revised 10-30-08
1. Product. Identification
Generic Name: Amorphous Silicate
Chemical Name: Sodium Potassium Aluminum Silicate CAS#- 93763-70-31
Manufacturer: K T Minerals, Inc.
Address: 1224 Highway 478, P. O. Box 988, Anthony, New Mexico 88021
Telephone: 575-882-7451
11. Product Ingredients
Ingredient Name
Amorphous Silicate
May contain crystalline
silica quartz-<O.lO %
Permissible Exposure
93763-70-31 100
5mg/m3 TWA Respirable dust
111. Physical Data
Appearance & Odor- Off White, Odorless
Boiling Point~ N/A
Vapor Pressure~ N/A
Water Solubility (%)- Slight
Vapor Density~(Air=l) N/A
Evaporation Rate- N/A
Specific Gravity- 2.30 - 2.35
Melting Point- 1850 degrees F.
% Volatile- N/A
IV. Fire & Explosion Data
Flash Point- N/A
NFPAA Flammable/ Combustible
Flammable Limits- N/A
Liquid Classification- N/A
Extinguishing Media- N/A
Auto Ignition Temperature- N/A
Unusual Fire or Explosion Hazards- None
% Volatile- N/A
Special Fire Fighting Procedures- N/A
V. Health Hazards
A. Summary Risks
This product may contain crystalline silica ( < 0.1 %) , considered a nuisance dust. Inhalation over
long periods of high amounts of any nuisance dust may overload lungs making the lungs more
vulnerable to respiratory disease.
Medical Conditions Which May Be Aggravated: Pre-existing upper respiratory and lung disease.
Target Organ(s): Lungs
Primary Entry Route(s): Inhalation
Acute Health Effect: Transitory upper respiratory irritant.
Chronic Health Effects: See Summary.
B. Health Hazards Signs/Symptoms of Overexposure
Inhalation: Coughing, irritation of nose and throat; Congestion may occur upon over exposure.
Skin Contact: N/A
Skin Absorption: N/A
Ingestion: Not Hazardous
Eyes: Temporary irritation
C. Health Hazards First Aid Emergency Procedures
Inhalation: Remove from dusty work area; drink water to clear throat; blow nose to evacuate dust.
Skin Contact: N/A
Eyes: Flush eyes with water.
Skin Absorption: N/A
Ingestion: N/A
VI. Reactivity Data
Stability: Material is stable. Hazardous polymerization will not occur.
Chemical Incompatibilities: Hydrofluoric Acid
Conditions To Avoid: Avoid contact with Hydrofluoric Acid
Hazardous Decomposition Products: Reacts with Hydrofluoric Acid forming toxic Silicon
Tetrafluoride gas.
VII. Spill or Leak Procedures
Procedures for spill/leak: Vacuum clean or sweep; avoid dusting.
Waste Management: Not considered a hazardous waste by RCRA (40 CFR Part 261)
VIII. Special Protection Information
Goggles: Normally required. May use safety eye wear to protect from dust. Gloves: As Above
Respirator: Even though this product is considered a nuisance dust, we recommend NIOSH
approved respirators.
Ventilation: Use adequate exhaust ventilation and/or dust collection to keep dust levels below PEL
IX. Special Precautions
Storage Segregation Hazard Classes: N/A
Special Handling/storage: Avoid creating dust, maintain good housekeeping practices.
Special Workplace Engineering Controls: Adequate ventilation where needed to keep dust level
below PEL.
Other: Comply with all Federal, State, and Local regulations.
Prepared by Lloyd W. Krumrey, Jr. Title: President