Appendix B
Household Waste (black bin)
Any new properties or existing properties looking to replace their existing household
waste bin is entitled to 1 x 140 litre black bin. This will be collected weekly from the
With the exception of one collection after Christmas and one after New Year, no
additional residual waste will be collected.
Anyone requiring additional or larger bins will be required to complete an application
form, these applications will be assessed in accordance with the Council’s approved
Existing Households
The council will continue to empty any existing 240 litre residual waste bins.
However, in the event that a resident requests a replacement then a smaller 140 litre
black bin will be issued.
Recycling (green bin)
Both new and existing properties are entitled to a 1 x 240 litre green recycling bin
which will be collected fortnightly from the kerbside. 140 litre recycling bins can be
provided on request.
Excess recycling can be placed out with the green bin in clear untied plastic sacks or
cardboard boxes. If the weather is wet then residents are encouraged to use clear
There is no limit on the number of recycling bins that a household can have.
Each household will be entitled to 1 x 48 litre green box which meets the appropriate
British Standards. These will be collected from kerbside fortnightly.
Additional glass capacity - additional glass boxes or bins can be obtained on
For health & safety reasons, glass will only be collected from a council approved
Appendix B
Bin Charges
Existing Properties
Residents of existing properties will not be charged for replacement waste (black),
recycling (green) bins or glass (green) boxes.
New Properties
Waste (black) bins provided for new properties will be charged for in accordance with
the council’s current fees and charges.
Recycling (green) bins and glass (green) boxes for new properties will be provided
free of charge.
Glass Bins
Glass bins issued for both new and existing properties will be charged for in
accordance with the council’s current fees and charges.
New Developments with Communal Areas
Where developments require communal areas to be set up then the waste team will
agree the size and number of bins with the developer in accordance with planning
guidance document Appendix 6 –Storage and Collection of Waste and Recycling.
All containers will be chargeable to the developer in accordance with the council’s
current fees and charges.
When a request is received for an additional waste bin, it will be considered in
accordance with the following criteria:
o How many residents live in the household?
For a household of up to 4 people- one 140 litre waste bin, one
240 litre recycling bin and one 48 litre glass box should provide
sufficient capacity
For households of between 5 and 7 residents - one 240 litre
waste bin, one 240 litre recycling bin and one 48 litre glass box
should provide sufficient capacity.
For households of 7 or more residents - one 240 litre and one
140 litre (or one 360 litre) waste bin, two 240 litre recycling bins
and two 48 litre glass boxes should provide sufficient capacity.
o Is the household recycling everything they can e.g. green bin, glass?
Appendix B
Residents are requested to separate specified recyclable
materials. If a household is not separating their recycling
entirely, they may not be considered for additional waste
o Does the household need another recycling bin?
Any household struggling with their bin capacity should be
offered an additional recycling bin in the first instance. If waste
and recycling is sorted appropriately then an additional recycling
bin will often accommodate any excess material.
o Are there any other reasons why the household requires an additional
waste bin?
There may be special reasons why additional capacity is
required – for example, a resident with a medical condition may
generate extra waste. In these situations then the household will
still be expected to separate all recycling material, however
consideration will be given to allowing additional bins.
If the household meets the above criteria, then they should be asked to complete an
application for additional capacity.
Following receipt of a completed application form, a Waste & Recycling Officer
(WRO) will arrange a visit to meet the residents and assess their circumstances and
offer advice on waste minimisation, to ensure they are recycling in accordance with
the council’s policies.
If the householder has a genuine need for additional waste capacity as per the
above criteria, and is making every effort to minimise their waste and recycle
everything, then they will be issued with an additional waste container.
There may be occasions when a household needs to be issued with an additional
waste container for a limited period of time (e.g. many children using nappies) In
this case, the WRO will agree this with the householder and make a note to contact
them again at the end of the period.
If the household does not meet the criteria (e.g. they are not recycling everything)
then their application will be refused and a letter will be sent to the householder
clarify the reasons for the refusal. If the household applies again then the application
will be reassessed.
The waste team will undertake an annual review of all properties which have been
granted additional capacity. In the event that a households circumstances have
changed then the approval for additional capacity maybe removed.