2003 Conference Proceedings

The 1st DANAM Conference Proceedings Monograph
The 1st DANAM Conference Proceedings monograph is entitled: Contemporary Issues in
Constructive Dharma, edited by Rita D. Sherma and Adarsh Deepak, Deepak Heritage
Books (DHB), Hampton, Virginia, 2004.
The proceedings monograph includes five of the seven papers presented during the three
symposium paper sessions, the ensuing Q&A discussions during each session, and the
complete talks presented by the six panelists during the Roundtable session, plus the
Q&A discussions at the end.
For purchasing your copy of the Proceedings contact Deepak Heritage Books (DHB) as
Deepak Heritage Books ([email protected])
10 Basil Sawyer Drive,
Hampton, Virginia 23666-1393 USA
Orders and subscriptions:
P.O. Box 2130, Poquoson, VA 23662
Tel: (757) 766-5830; Fax: (757) 865-1294
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