Ancient Greece Homework Tasks - Foss…

Ancient Greece Homework Tasks
Make a name plaque written in Greek letters
Such as ‘Paul’s Rom’ or ‘Home Sweet Home’
You could use card, clay or paper.
Write a report on our trip to the British Museum.
Choose a Greek Myth.
Create your own storyboard of the myth using illustrations and captions.
Design a stamp for a series on myths and legends
Research the Ancient Olympics:
Why did the Greeks hold the Olympic Games?
What events took place in the Olympic Games and who took part?
What are the main similarities and differences between the Olympic Games
then and now?
What was life like for Athenian children compared to Spartan children?
What was school like in Ancient Athens?
You could write a diary entry as a child in Athens, Sparta or both.
Find the names of five Greek inventors.
Research what they did and present your work as a poster.
Create a Greek gods fact file.
The myths and legends of ancient Greece include various strange creatures
and monsters partly based on real animals that existed.
Invent your own monster – this can be made out of junk materials, clay,
card or collage.
Make a replica of a Greek pot or plate.
Create a Greek menu for a dinner party.
You may even like to prepare some Greek food for us all to try!
Make a Greek theatre mask.
Prepare an illustrated talk for the class on Greek clothes, buildings, transport,
food or theatre.