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Elaine Nutter, Superintendent
Maria Libby, Assistant Superintendent
CRMS Architectural/Engineering Study
CRMS Facility Planning Committee
Meeting Notes
January 9, 2014
Oak Point Associates - Rob Tillotson, Tyler Barter, Sarah Smith, Allison DiMatteo
Allysa Anderson, Nikki Castellano, Ellen Curtis, Marcia Dietrich, Pat Finnigan,
Will Gartley, Peter Gross, Thom Ingraham, Maria Libby, Heather Mackey,
Maggie Massengale, Elaine Nutter, Keith Rose, Joe Russillo, Bill Spear
The purpose of this meeting was to review and narrow down possible design schemes that will be
presented at the January 29th Public Forum .
Oak Point assessed the current space and renovating the facility as is. This would be one of the
most costly schemes for the following reasons:
 Life safety –the facility is so large that fire walls would have to be constructed upwards to 2
feet thick in 3 or 4 areas in the building.
 Structure – lateral reinforcement to walls and floors and additional columns would have to
be added to the space in order to bring it up to code.
 Current design doesn’t support the programming that is needed.
 Renovating while school in session would be extremely disruptive.
 Additional staircase and upgrade to current staircase in MET would have to happen to bring
the building up to code.
 Sprinkler system would have to be upgraded. Current town water supply would not be
sufficient to handle upgrade.
 All boilers, pumps, hvhc, electrical system, fire alarms and technology would have to be
updated in order to meet new codes.
 Asbestos abatement would be required.
 ADA accessibilites would have to be upgraded.
The following 3 options (each with 2/3 variations) were more practical and less costly.
Option A – Keeping the MET and gym – approximately 110,000 sq ft.
7th & 8th grade wing taken off to create a drop off loop at upper end of Knowlton. Buses
would still drop off on Knowlton.
Has 6,000 sq ft auditorium space.
Portables would be needed as a swing space while construction was taking place.
Library and cafeteria would be slightly larger.
Students would still have to cross through cafeteria in order to get from one building to the
Configuration of front office area would be very similar.
Space under gym would still be unusable but would have to be brought up to code.
Option B – Keeping MET and building off the back – approximately 90-95,000 sq ft.
New construction would be built off the back of the MET at an angle to utilize natural light.
Drop-off loop, bus loop and parking at upper Knowlton on the side of the building.
New footprint would allow school to stay in session while construction was in process. Use
7&8th grade wing as a swing space, then knock down when new areas are built.
New building at back would be 3 stories high and stage would be located in cafeteria in
option 1. In option 2 band/chorus area would be flipped allowing a 2 story building for
classes. Option 3 would move the bus loop to the other side (lower Knowlton), auditorium
would be in back with separate entrance and educational wing would be 3 levels. Option 3
allows for the playing fields to be laid out best with use of existing buildings on site.
Option C – All new construction of free standing building, keeping MET as separate facility –
approximately 80-85,000 sq ft.
Drop-off and bus loop moved to area between MET and new construction.
MET could be used for Sup’s office, Special Services, Adult Ed and Zenith. Building would
have to be renovated to code but not as costly since it would be free standing from the rest
of the facility.
Most compact and efficient foot print of all options.
Gym and auditorium would be at Knowlton.
Portables would be needed during construction for the 7th and 8th graders due to current
location. All other areas can be used as swing space.
Field layout is at its best.
Layout allows for plenty of parking.
Final planning of space will be more flexible with programming driving the layout without
Oak Point to narrow down to 3 options for Public Forum meeting utilizing the groups feedback.
Option plans will be e-mailed to committee prior to the forum to review.
Next meeting date and time tbd.