EAP for Allergic Reactions

Allergic Reaction
This action plan is a generic plan for students identified as having moderate
to severe allergies to bee/wasp stings, environmental triggers, food etc...
Students may also have personalized plans that outline his/her specific
symptoms/treatments. If a student has been introduced to common
triggers, has only mild symptoms, and has not been identified as having an
allergy, please send them to the health room. Otherwise, please follow the
plan below.
If you see these symptoms:
Symptoms of severe allergic
Do this:
1. Stay calm & stay with the student.
2. The student should self-inject with an
Epi-pen. IF Epi-pen is used call 911.
*difficulty breathing
3. Send/call for the nurse, notify parent
*swelling of face, lips, tongue
4. If the nurse is not available, notify the
*swallowing difficulties
office to call 911.
5. Do not give fluids or food
*rash, hives, nausea, vomiting 6. Smaller children or students with severe
*shortness of breath, coughing
symptoms will need help using the Epi*itching inside of mouth/throat
*complaints of throat tightening
If the student is around a
trigger, has only minor
symptoms, and does not
display the above symptoms:
Accompany the student to the health
If the student has an allergic reaction (to
anything – sting, food, etc.) notify the
*Local Swelling – ok to transport to home
*SEVER symptoms listed above – CALL
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