Middle School Administrative Assistant Position Description 7/20/15

Middle School Administrative Assistant
Position Description
Employment category:
Full/part time:
Work year:
FLSA status:
Operational Staff
Full time
11 month
Middle School Principal
Summary: Provides wide range of administrative support to Middle School Principal,
enabling him/her to be as productive and effective as possible with respect to all
professional responsibilities. Also serves as a first point of contact for students, parents
and other visitors to South Hall, ensuring each is welcomed and assisted competently and
Principal responsibilities:
 Create a highly positive, welcoming, professional first impression for each caller
or visitor to the Middle School. Direct callers and visitors to the appropriate
person efficiently.
 Ensure continuous office and phone coverage for visitors and callers during
regular office hours.
 Provide support to the Assistant Principals as requested.
Principal support
 Maintain Middle School Principal’s calendar.
 Handle all Middle School correspondence.
 Provide word processing support as requested.
 Maintains Middle School student files.
 Prepare and coordinate back-to-school information, and mail to families in
 Sign in all tardy students each school day, and sign out all early dismissals.
Sign in all tardy students each school day, and sign out all early dismissals.
Maintain Middle School office files, and Principal’s files as requested.
Keep student files for dress code violations, early dismissal notes, sign out sheets
and notified absence forms.
Keep accurate records of all student disciplinary infractions and proceedings.
Coordinate field trip and off-campus student travel approval process, including
ensuring all permission slips and other paperwork are in hand prior to trips, and
maintain field trip files.
Prepare and send all Middle School mailings, including flyers and memos for
parents or faculty for special events and activities.
Post mid-trimester progress reports and print corresponding awards/letters.
Work with faculty to prepare, enter and distribute report cards and related
reporting each trimester.
Coordinate end-of-year academic awards.
Manage all files in accordance with school’s document retention and destruction
Middle School teacher services
 Prepare teacher packets for the start of the school year, including teacher
schedules, rosters, lists, pertinent forms and information.
 Pick up and distribute Middle School mail and classroom supplies at least once
 Maintain Middle School faculty mailboxes in faculty room
 Maintain and restock faculty room supplies on a proactive basis: paper, forms,
 Coordinate prompt maintenance and repair services for the South Hall copier(s)
and South Hall office machinery as needed to ensure continuous availability and
 Provide substitute teachers with rosters and teaching schedules.
Middle School parent services
 Coordinate parent conferences. Prepare sheets for parent sign ups. Maintain
appointment schedules and handle conflict times. Supply teachers with
appointments sheets. Plan for parent refreshments, post teacher rooms assignment
locations. Be available during conferences.
 Coordinate all parent-teacher meetings.
 Coordinate annual Middle School back-to-school night.
Middle School student services
 Manage student locker assignments and keep appropriate records. Work with
facilities services as needed to keep all lockers in good repair and functioning.
Plan ahead for additional lockers as may be needed for increasing student
 Maintain Middle School informational bulletin boards.
 Ensure all Middle School events and meetings are properly posted well in
advance on the various school calendar systems.
 Coordinate refreshments, arrange set-ups, prepare hand-outs, and assist generally
at Principal coffees, Middle School faculty meetings, and selected other Middle
School events.
 Provide various reports available in the database. This includes class lists, rosters,
locker lists, mentor lists, class schedules, lunch table lists, etc.
 Provide general coordination for annual Middle School experiential education
Other tasks as assigned by the Middle School Principal
 High school diploma required with a Bachelor’s degree preferred.
 Ability to lift and move boxes of files, office supplies, etc. up to 25 lbs. as needed.
 Experience in school settings a plus.
Key Skills
Common to all positions
 Interpersonal/collaboration skills
 Communication skills
 Time management skills
 Problem solving skills
 Quality of work skills
 Information technology skills